Dollspiration #2: Pullip Hello Kitty Anniversary & Isul Yun!

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FairyLand – My Newest Obsession

My first BJD moved in last week, which was a dream come true, since we are talking about a beautiful girl by famous Korean doll company FairyLand/Cerberus Project. While my girl is a MiniFée Shushu, one of the older molds, I completely fell into a video binge session of FairyLand’s official YouTube channel, where they share beautifully behind-the-scenes videos of their promotional photoshoots. The video above is MiniFée Momo’s, but other favorites of mine are MiniFée Hwayu’s, MiniFée Rens’ and MiniFée Honoka’s, as well as Feeple Carol’s. And those are just a few!

Pullip Hello Kitty Anniversary & Isul Yun released their listings for two new dolls, which are a new Hello Kitty Pullip and Isul Yun, who has already made a blurred appearance (on the internet) at a recent doll show. I want to talk about those dolls in separate posts in the future, as soon as we’ll have more high quality promotional pictures.

My first thoughts were that Yun very much looks like a Kpop star and that it was time for a second Hello Kitty Pullip, after My Melody and Cinnamoroll got a rebranding in the last few years.

Realistic, Colourful, Anime Character Smart Dolls

Gosh, people: Where do we even get started?! Speaking of blurred, there are more realistic face molds on the way, defering from the usual anime Smart Doll design.

Next to Cinnamon slowly making its way to the fans (here is the link to Cinnamon Mirai) as the fourth official skintone, Danny gave an update on fantasy colours and you will also be able to find the product pages for two upcoming anime collaborations on the official homepage: Suzaku Kururugi from ‘Code Geass’ and Spike Spiegel from ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

A First Look at Pullip Margrethe

Pullip Margrethe was just released in Japan and a picture of her in box was released by Groove just yesterday. As always, her complexion looks so much fresher than in her promotional pictures! It definitely is a trend, which I have spotted for every release in the past 1,5 years. I like her sweet pink lips!

This is it for today! I hope, you had fun and see you soon!

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