My Dolly Week #74: Rikku Changes Things!

Welcome to a new Dolly Week, everybody! This time I am one year older and the proud owner of my first MiniFee and Silkstone Barbie.

The ending of ‘Final Fantasy X’ completely broke my heart and I am now playing its successor ‘FFX-2’. I love these games so much, it makes me so happy that I called my MiniFee Shushu, Rikku! I actually think that it fits her character really well and that she is super cute. Last week her wig came in the mail and now only her shoes are missing for her first video appearance. I love her so much, it is literally a whole new world!

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Gashapon: One Piece Wan Piece Mascots

One Piece Wan Piece GashaponAs if a cat themed One Piece gashapon release, would not have been amazing enough for 2017, Bandai gave us another stroke of genius to put One Piece characters in little doggy suits. After Nyan Piece, it is now finally time for Wan Piece! Just like their kitty pioneers, it is a collection out of six figures. I love that they are not keychains, so they will not end up with a hole in their head. Continue reading Gashapon: One Piece Wan Piece Mascots

Gashapon: One Piece Nyan Piece Mascots

Gashapon are one of my favorite things about Japan! I would love to be able to walk down the street and check out the new toys in the capsule machines. Furthermore there is no stigma involved that these tiny toys are only for children, which explains why you can get toys from all sorts of franchises.

The whole Nyan Piece gashapon collection.Today I am going to write about a gashapon series from one of my favorite anime. For years I was not interested in One Piece at all, but now I am up to date with the manga and I am always catching up with the anime. Due to its huge popularity in Japan, there are regular One Piece gashapon releases, but in January Bandai totally hit it out of the park with this adorable and creative Nyan Piece Mascots series. If anybody important at Bandai is reading this: I would absolutely not mind having a second series with more characters! Continue reading Gashapon: One Piece Nyan Piece Mascots