My Junie Moon Haul 2017

Bee and Ki-chan in Junie Moon Dollywear.Today I want to share with you my tiny treasures from the Junie Moon stores in Shibuya and Shinjuku, which are specializing in selling Blythe dolls and accessories for them. Those stores are absolutely amazing, since most of their stuff can also fit different dolls like Pullip, Azone Pure Neemo M and Momoko. If you ever are going to visit one of them, do be prepared to spend a lot of money or at least to be in constant danger to do so!

Junie Moon's 'Little Twin Stars' collaboration.One thing on my priority list was the collaboration between Junie Moon Dollywear and Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars, who are some of my favorite Japanese characters. I decided on both color variations of their shirt-dress in pink and blue with different prints on each. Extra adorable are the details like the see-through sleeves in lilac (pink dress) and yellow (blue dress) with a simple bow in the middle of the collar. Their quality is very nice and so is their fit on a Pullip stock body (type 3 and 4). I try to take special care of the applications, since they are prone to getting scratched or even rubbed off.

Knee Socks and Shoes.The same goes for their knee socks, which are being sold separately in pairs and also feature the cute little siblings with some of their friends. They are designed that both socks are going to show their whole design in the front (but each sock has the whole design printed on). On a Pullip the socks are a little big, perfect for a look that is not too put-together. πŸ˜‰ Completing the look, I found two pairs of ballet flats, which I had seen several times on Etsy. Their quality is really nice: They are sturdy and their design is super cute with pink bows in the front with a pink rhinestone in the middle. I got them in baby pink and baby blue, but they were also available in black and white.

Junie Moon Pretty Pants SetJunie Moon Pants Set.Then my eyes came across a handful of tiny sets full of dolly underwear, called Pretty Pants Set. They come in a pack of 3 knickers in different fabrics and I loved the idea instantly, since you can never have too many panties to make your dolls decent and take that load of bad conscience off of you.

Bee with hair clips.Hair clip.Hair clip.Hair clip.Hair clip.Hair clip.Hair clip.In comes my favorite corner in both Junie Moon stores: The cutest hair clips ever made for your dolls for completely reasonable prices! There is some remorse in me for not getting more than six pieces, but at the same time I had to pay for all of the other stuff-deciding will not be easy, my friends! In the end, I got a sparkly white swan, two sparkly ice cream cones in blue and pink, an orange felt fox with sparkling green ice, a mint star surrounded by mint tulle and a big golden party hat with white tulle and pink hearts. I like my dolls to wear them on the left side of their head because it hides the bigger side of the actual hair clip.

Charlotte in an Azone dress.Detail of the Azone dress.Hair band from Azone.In Shibuya I found a lovely clothing set from Azone International on sale, which is probably going to be one of my favorite doll dresses ever. We are talking about a set consisting out of a red hair band, which fits my Azone Aquamarine Alisa perfectly, a white blouse and a beautiful navy dress. Everything is so detailed. Instead of buttons, the blouse has white beads going down in its front middle. In between its collar, which is also decorated with white lace, there is a red bow and its fabric feels super nice and silky. The navy dress is even more detailed, why I probably love it so much. It also has white lace details on the bodice and near the skirt’s hemline, dark navy beads going down in the middle of the bodice and a little faux belt, including a faux underskirt out of lovely white tulle, which is peaking out beneath the hemline. The dress feels like very nice cotton and fits a Pullip stock body like a glove.

Bara-chan with a Junie Moon hair-clip.This have been my Junie Moon dolly finds, which I hope will underline my statement of it being a great place for doll collectors. What are your favorites?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Junie Moon Haul 2017”

  1. You made such great purchases! I’m so glad you got to go to Junie Moon. It’s such a special store. I love how stuff changes there all the time. If I lived nearby I’d be in trouble!!!

    1. If I would live in Japan, I would hope that they would hire me and re-invest my salary into some doll goodies after a whole day of hanging out with dollies! XD
      Thank you for liking my purchases, it was so hard not getting more! πŸ˜‰

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