Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!

Pullip Sencha was a wonderful way to start the new year and is my first Pullip addition of 2018. She was created by extremely talented Nina from Nina’s Dolls, who has her own distinctive style, which I have been admiring for a while, when looking at her dolls owned by lucky fellow collectors. She does not take commissions at the moment, but I highly recommend a visit to her Facebook page or Instagram to keep an eye out for future customs and to admire all of her many different creations!

Beautiful Pullip SenchaSencha started out with a slightly different, more contemporary style that was super cute as well! But the moment she arrived in her new home, I was inspired to try out a new look with a few things I already had at home and this is the story how she became my Sencha:

Sencha's FaceupThis face!First of all, the most important and stunning point; is her face up, of course! Looking at her makes me so excited, since she has so many unique traits. The tear ducts, which have been carefully carved and painted, are so unique in my collection and differentiate her the most from her sisters. Also unique and a further trademark of Nina’s work, is the carved philtrum. The carving of the nose, philtrum and lips is very beautiful and in unison, which gives the dolls a very elegant, dare I say nymphe-like look! Her make up is beautifully subtle and done with lots of skill: The black eyeliner has four flicks on the upper lid and blends in nicely with her eyeshadow, a mixture of light brown and lilac with pearly shimmer. Her lower lashes in light brown look very fluttery and natural. They are not fully connected/painted directly on the lower waterline at the outer ends, which makes the eyes look bigger. The eyebrows have an ombrΓ© effect, starting out light brown and transitioning into a middle brown shade at the ends. It is a very soft look, which works with Sencha’s pretty lips. They are the perfect combination of being rosy under her cupid’s bow and in the middle of her lower lip, while the rest of her lips is pale. I also like that they have just the right amount of glossiness and match her eyes so well. To round up the whole look, she is wearing pink blush on her cheeks, chin, around her nose, on her philtrum and upper middle of her forehead. My first impression was that she definitely had to be a fairy with this face, but why stop at fairy?!

Sencha's wigSencha's wig from the backSencha's wig from the sideOn my quest to gift all of my Pullips with beautiful hair, I got the ‘Lisianthus’ art wig from Leeke World for no girl in particular, but the fact that its lilac strands would suit Sencha’s eye make up and its middle parting without bangs would not cover her perfect eyebrows, I decided to give it a shot. To give you a brief wig review: The style is beautiful, waist long on a Pullip, the hairs being straight at the top and the ends being slightly curled. My only complaint is that I wish it was fuller. I have to brush it more often than other wigs to get it into its intended shape to completely cover up the wig cap. But it is not so bad to not recommend it to you; especially since it is so, so, so soft!

Sencha's eyechipsSlowly, but clearly Sencha’s concept was forming and I just knew that she would be the most perfect Goddess of Spring! Perfect and fit for the Spring Goddess are Lullaby for Dolls’ eyechips in ‘Matcha Cherry Blossom’. Their name describes them perfectly: The main colour is a pastel light green (or matcha green πŸ˜‰ ) with tiny white and pink sequins on the inside, which look like cherry blossoms. These eyechips, which are already telling a fairytale themselves, give the perfect balance to Sencha’s heavy and long, deep black lashes. I love this style of lashes a lot – and in general swapping out your dolls’ lashes makes a big difference and is a must, when using light coloured eyechips!

Sencha's dressskirt detailbodice detailAnother work of art, like all of Michelle’s works, is the dress Sencha is wearing. It was made by ‘It’s MY Caprice’ and was waiting for the perfect girl to wear it. Green is one of my, if not my favourite colour and when I saw this dress back in her Etsy shop, I could not contain my excitement and ordered it right away! As luck would have it, this dress basically has the same endearing elements as the eyechips. It’s main fabric is a beautiful soft light green. It is lovely and luxurious, paired with lots of white lace and embroidery with floral elements. The cherry, or rather cherry blossom, on top, are the old rose coloured beads, which emphasize the embroideries on various spots. The skirt of the dress is very full thanks to its petticoat and the hemline is right above Sencha’s knee. It feels like it was made especially for her; seeing her wearing it, makes me super happy!

Sencha's head jewellerySencha's head jewellery from the backI could not imagine Sencha wearing anything else on her head than this jewellery, which was made by Michelle as well! It is so well made and looks so nice on a Pullip’s head! The jewellery is a combination of white pearls and bronze elements in different shapes, most prominently florals and hearts. It really helps to bring the whole look together!

Sencha's eyelidsSencha does not need any shoes, since she prefers to go barefoot. What I liked so much, when taking her pictures, was this picture above, which is showing her super bright pink eyelids with black eyeliner. Doesn’t she look like she is already feeling the warmth of spring?

Pretty SenchaWhat are your thoughts on my Sencha? Does she also remind you of Japanese green tea and doesn’t she fit nicely into my doll family?!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!”

  1. I think Sencha is one of the most beautiful Pullips ever! She has the perfect combination of hair, eyes, dress, faceup – everything! You should be so proud of putting it all together! Truly stunning!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mari; that means so much to me!!!
      Especially, since I am a bit obsessed with Sencha at the moment, the doll and the tea! πŸ˜‰

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