Pokémon Center Plush: Pikachu’s Sweet Treats Pair Plush

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsIt has been quite a long time, since there was a Pokémon post published on Komonogatari, but as my collection is growing, I have to choose wisely. Especially, when it comes to Pikachu. I might do a plush collection one day, but it will probably take ages to do. When comparing pictures with past Pikachu pair plushes, it is easy to see how this new pair, released right before Valentine’s Day, is different to past designs and why I (spoiler!) highly recommend it to be added to your collection as well or, if you aren’t into Pokémon plush yet, to start your collection in general! Even the artwork on the tag is uber adorable!

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsAs the name of the collection suggests, girl and boy Pikachu are in their chocolatier uniforms to make very special and yummy Valentine’s Day chocolates, when either homemade or expensive premium chocolates are usually gifted in Japan to boys and men, while the female population has to wait for their presents until White Day. Boy Pikachu’s uniform has details in different blue tones, while the details on girl Pikachu’s uniform are either a classic red and pink. Both are wearing big fluffy white caps, which is soft and very nicely filled. Boy Pikachu’s has a dark blue ribbon with a baby blue bow in the front, girl Pikachu’s a wine red ribbon with a pink heart.

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsThe rest of their uniform consists out of a white shirt with red buttons for the boy and pink ones for the girl. The boy also has three milk chocolate brown stripes on his sleeves, while the girl only has two. Boy Pikachu is wearing wine red velvet pants and girl Pikachu a skirt out of the same material. Very cute are their little gingham aprons, which are sewn on like the rest of their outfits. Again, boy and girl Pikachu’s only slightly vary when it comes to the use of blue and pink. Boy Pikachu’s bow in the front is out of a satin ribbon, while girl Pikachu’s is out of felt. Both also have hearts out of different materials on the back.

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsUnfortunately their uniforms are overshadowed by their chocolate making props, which need quite a lot of space and make our Pikachu pair look super strong, since they are more than half the size of their bodies each! Boy Pikachu is holding a white piping bag out of the same material as their caps, which is also decorated with a coral bow. Its end is silver too; like a real piping bag! 😉

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsIn the meantime girl Pikachu is holding the finished chocolate in her paws. It is heart shaped and its front is out of a light pink rubbery material. Boy Pikachu decorated it with a cute doodle of himself and a heart. Maybe this chocolate was even for girl Pikachu herself?!

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsMonthly Pair PikachuPikachu comparisonIn comparison to past pair Pikachu releases, this pair is bigger in general than the Monthly Pair Pikachus and is about the size of the Pokémon Little Tales releases. The biggest difference to those is that the faces of the Pikachu’s Sweet Treats plushes are bigger and wider. Stylewise they are right in the middle of both releases, being not as minimal as the Little Tales cuties, but also not as true to the video games like the Monthly Pair ones. To soften their look a bit and give them a slightly more romantic look (because how would a Pikachu not look romantic in any given situation, think about it) their black features at the top of their ears, eyes, nose and mouth have been translated into a soft chocolate brown and their cheeks are not bright red as the original, but a pretty rose colour. Our Valentine’s pair is also not out of your typical plush material, but out of the slightly curly and soft fabric, which is normally used for the non Pokémon Center exclusive Moko Moko plushies. It suits their overall pastel colours and gives them another nod towards the season of love! XD

Are you excited for Valentine’s Day? Does your country have any special traditions?

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Ahhh!!! They are so cute! They make me feel like Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I don’t have any traditions myself… except eating chocolate!!! Yumyumyum!!!

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