My Dolly Week #38: Dolly Denim and Obitsus!

Welcome to another Dolly Week on my blog! This week has been super duper interesting, when it comes to new releases, but I also finally started some projects to rebody  my older Pullip girls, since I brought home four obitsus in total from Japan.

Natalia, my Pullip BlancheThe first girl I rebodied was Natalia, my Pullip Blanche. Although I do not massively hate the Pullip type-3 bodies, they do tend to make your Pullips quite stiff looking and do not allow them to pose properly. Especially the type-3 neck was bugging me, since it looks way too unnatural. Natalia always seemed to stick her head way forward in comparison to her type-4 and obitsu bodied sisters. I plan to do a more detailed post about my girls’ different body types, but for Natalia I decided on a flesh toned 27 cm obitsu, since I went for the same height as Mayu and Ruri, which I had misjudged in the past as 24cm tall. In the future, I do plan to get some of the new 24cm obitsus, but since my type-3 girls seem more grown-up anyway, they are all going to be taller than that. May I just say that I love Natalia’s new look?! I also dressed her up in the coolest dolly ensemble from Atelier Milabrocc ever! Those perfect embroidered and distressed Mom jeans are going to be a staple in my dolly wardrobe for years!

Minnie, Iris Mint by Charon DollsMinnie, Iris Mint by Charon DollsSpeaking of denim from Atelier Milabrocc, before she released the set with the jeans and the equally stylish sweater, she made the most adorable shorts in the same style. My Pullip wardrobe is full of dresses and skirts, lilacs and pinks, which I both wanted to mix up a bit (nevermind, the pink embroideries on the denim…they don’t count!). Minnie, my Charon Dolls’ custom Pullip, was the first one to try on those glorious shorts in combination with a cropped lilac knit sweater-from Atelier Milabrocc as well. Can you tell that I like her work?! 😀 Minnie looks a bit rockabilly and like a cool pastel chick in general. I am super pleased-she needs to wear the most out of this outfit before it gets too cold!

Pullip MarieAnother change this week was that I attempted my first wig styling. My guinea pig was Marie, whose wavy and full wig, I cannot get myself to crop for a few centimeters. I decided to try my luck with a bun on each side of her head instead and for the first time, I am quite satisfied. I wish, the hairclips weren’t as visible as they are now, but all in all her character is quirky and not bound to perfectionism. To accessorize her a bit more, she got to wear this amazing John Lennon-esque sunglasses by Papabasi, who are such fun! It also does not hurt that their frames are rosegold. I want them for myself! 😉

New Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip for spring 2017!We now have a prototype of the next collaboration Pullip with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Chinese magazine for Japanese fashion GIRLISM. Call me stoked that the actual doll looks a lot like the one, we already saw in the prior released outfit sketch. I am not only in love with the over-the-top baby blue sweet lolita outfit, which for once comes with higher quality shoes (knock on wood) and exuberant bonnet, but also with the blonde bob and blue eyes. Even though I sometimes read that we are having an abundance of blonde dolls with blue eyes, I would like to challenge this statement and ask, who those dolls might be?! Because I would love to see more! Sailor Moon does not count, you cannot change a manga character’s look. The only one, I can think of, is Pullip Ha-Ha from the summer of 2016! You can see more pictures on GIRLISM‘s Weibo account and this mystery girl without a name so far, is supposed to be released next spring!

【予約販売は明日11/10スタート♪】 ネオブライス『ゲルダエタニティ』の最終仕様が公開されました❣️ 大阪・堀江店の予約販売は明日11/10(金)からスタートです! 詳しい販売方法は公式サイトまたはブログにてご確認下さい😊❄️☃️ #ジュニームーン大阪 #blythe #ブライス #ゲルダエタニティ

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Neo-Blythe Gerda Eternity’s promotional photographs dropped and I love her! I hate her name so, so much, but I absolutely love this doll and all of her accessories. They do not look cheap at all and only add to her ice princess-theme. To be honest, I did not have high hopes for her crown at all, but now it is actually my favorite piece of stock!

【ゲルダエタニティ】 本日より大阪・堀江店の予約受付とサンプルドールの展示がスタートしました✨ 話題のネオブライス#ゲルダエタニティ ぜひ店頭で現物をご覧ください😊 販売について詳しくはブログをチェックしてくださいね❄️ #ジュニームーン大阪 #ブライス#blythe

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It is so fluffy and whimsical! I cannot help myself! It is so nice to see her on display thanks to the Junie Moon Instagram accounts! It really makes me wish, I could visit her in person! I am trying hard to finish up my recent main dolly make-overs, blog posts and try not to buy too much new babies before finishing up the majority of my work, but dolls like her are so tempting! (Stay strong, Theri! Stay strong, there still will be dolls, when you have time for newbies!)

New release #pullipkagezakura and #PullipShion is out now. #gouk雅 #gouk #groovedoll

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Pullip Kagezakura and Pullip Shion, the collaboration dolls with fashion label GOUK, are on sale now in Japan. I am super looking forward to see the first reviews and pictures of them to make up my mind. Pullip dolls will always be beautiful to me, pretty much no matter what release. Still, the more my collection advances, the pickier I feel I have to be. Do you feel the same about your dolly collection?

Did you have a good week? Do you have any projects you want to finish before the end of the year?

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Etsy. I try to bring my blog to a more professional level and have tried banner ads, which I did not like at all. For now, I will stick to affiliate links because they don’t ruin the look of the site and my posts. I will also only post affiliate links of products I absolutely love and would have linked to anyway.

2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #38: Dolly Denim and Obitsus!”

  1. So many dolls… too little money… too little time!!! Stay strong Theri!!! I am struggling with the same problem myself!!! Why are there so many pretty dolls?

    1. I know, we’ve talked about it before, but just imagine living in Japan and being more tempted by having them all at your fingertips. >< It is hard enough now! I am trying to stay strong, but show me a pretty doll and there is nothing I can do! XD

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