Review: Pullip Marie by Angelic Pretty

Pullip Marie by Angelic Pretty
Pullip Marie is a collaboration with Japanese label Angelic Pretty!

Pullip Marie is a collaboration doll with Japanese lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty to celebrate the label’s 15th anniversary. For Pullip it is the third release with Angelic Pretty, Pullip Sfoglia being the first in 2009 and Pullip Prupate the second in 2011. Marie was released in Japan in September 2016 and is the princess in my collection.

Pullip Marie's Face-Up
Pullip Marie’s Face-Up.

Marie’s face-up revolves around natural earthy tones. Her eyechips are a dark medium brown. She wears dark brown eyeliner with a flick at the outer corner of her eyes that goes downwards; giving her puppydog eyes. There are no drawn-on lashes on her upper lid, but a lot of dark brown and dark grey shadow, which is also known as smokey eyes. On her lower lid are tiny drawn-on lashes in a reddish brown and in a dark grey color. The outer half of the lower lid also has some dark eyeshadow, but her lower waterline is kept in a soft natural pink. Marie also wears subtle white eyeshadow in the inner corner of her upper lid and her lashes are black.

Pullip Marie's Eyelids
Pullip Marie’s Eyelids and Eyebrows.

On her eyelids she is wearing dark brown eyeliner and the rest is kept in a very natural light pink. Her eyebrows are a very, very light brown and do not stand out at all against her skintone. They are very soft, polished and ladylike.

Pullip Marie's Make-Up
Pullip Marie’s Make-Up.

Marie has the prettiest lips, but maybe I am biased because it is the same natural, dark glossy orange color that I like to wear as well. The color is most prominent in the center and fades out to the corners of her mouth. The blush under her cheekbones is a soft pink and can also be found at the inner corners of her eyes and under her eyebrows.

From the side.
From the back.
From the back.
Pullip Marie's Wig
Marie’s Wig.
Sideswept bangs.
Pullip Marie's bangs
Marie’s bangs.






Most people are not happy with Marie’s wig and I can completely understand why, while still not being extremely frustrated with it either. The color of her wig is a mixture out of light brown and blonde hair, which I love and find very unique. In the front she wears long, uneven cut bangs that cover hey eyebrows. I personally prefer to sweep them to the side to show off her pretty face-up including her eyebrows. Behind her bangs her hair goes up into a bump, which is designed for her headband to be clipped in, while her hair in the back goes nearly all the way down to her kneecaps in big strands of curls, which are always in danger of getting frizzy real quick, when not handled with care. Those big curls are the reason, why Marie’s wig has kind of a bad reputation. I don’t know, if I just got really lucky, but the wig of my Pullip is really not that bad! It is not the nicest wig in my collection, but there was only one curl I was not that happy with and I was able to comb it out with my hands to fix it to my liking. Still, I have to mention that I am very careful not to mess it up!

Pullip Marie's dress
Pullip Marie’s dress.
Pullip Marie's bodice
Pullip Marie’s bodice.

Being a collaboration with a lolita fashion-label, the clothes are the star of the show. When you actually acted quickly enough, you could buy Marie’s dress for yourself to match her. The main color of her rococo-inspired dress is the prettiest medium sky blue in a shiny and stiff fabric. Its stiffness actually makes it possible for her skirt to flare out on the sides without her being drowned in lots of underskirts. In the middle of her bodice, which is framed by blue ruffles and golden lace that go down to her skirt and end in big soft pink bows, is a lot of white lace that is covered up with a big bow out of soft pink lace with golden and white lace on its edges. In the middle of this bow, there is a white rose out of paper attached to it. Under the rose, there is a string out of white pearls.

Pullip Marie's skirt
Marie’s skirt.

In the middle of the skirt, there is another section out of white and golden lace that goes all the way around her skirt and incorporates the mentioned blue ruffles and golden lace by covering up the end of the blue lace by putting two soft pink colored bows on top of it. They also have white and golden lace at the edges and go all the way down to the hemline of Marie’s dress. At the end of the skirt are three blue ruffles that are also decorated with a little bit of blue lace between each new layer. Then there is one light pink ruffle, before the hemline ends in white lace.

Marie's sleeve
Marie’s sleeve with a bow.

The sleeves of Marie’s dress have a straight cut, but also end in blue and white ruffles with golden lace details and a smaller soft pink bow on top, which has tha same golden and white lace details on the edges.

Back bow.
Back of Pullip Marie’s dress.

Another bow can be found at the lower back of the dress, where it closes with velcro. To break the habit a little bit, this bow has the same style as the rest of them, but instead out of pink lace, its color is light blue and also the lace on its ends is blue, instead of white.

Detail of Marie's headband.
Detail of Marie’s headband.
Pullip Marie's headband.
Pullip Marie’s headband.

Marie’s headband matches her dress at first sight, but there are quite some surprises to be found. The headband has clips on both sides that stay in her hair really well. The main fabric is out of the same medium sky blue as her dress. It has white lace around the edges, which is not as delicate as the lace on her dress. On the right side of her headband, she has two little pink roses in the front and one bigger pink rose in the back, while she has only one big pink rose on the right side. In front of this rose, there is a mint green bow with golden lace at the edges. Behind this rose, there is another bow, which is made out of white lace.

Pullip Marie's shoes.
Marie’s shoes.

On her wrists, Marie wears tiny cuffs out of white lace that are decorated with white pearls and a pink pompom. They totally fit her choker that also goes around her neck with a strand of white pearls, while flaring out in a fabric out of pink and white lace. It closes in the back with velcro. She wears cream-colored tights and pink high heeled Mary-Janes out of plastic with a white pompom on top of them. For some reason these Mary-Janes are my favourite kind of Pullip stock-shoes.

Pullip Marie
Do you like this cute princess?

In the first paragraph I wrote that Marie is the princess in my collection and that is because her outfit manages to stand out so much against her natural beauty. I also enjoy rococo-fashion and love her updated version. The irregularities that rococo is known for, are perfect little surprises that you have, while spending time with your doll. If you enjoy lolita fashion, I recommend that you have a look at Groove’s collaborations with Japanese fashion brands.

Thank you so much for reading!


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