Meet Rise by Poison Girl’s Dolls!

Rise from Poison GirlThere once was a girl with cherry red hair, who looks like a tiny button. A tiny red button, of course! Her favorite time of the year was winter, since she brought warmth, wherever she went and in 2017 I was lucky enough that she decided to come and stay with me forever!

Rise by Poison GirlRise is a girl created by MarΓ­a, the amazingly talented artist behind Poison Girl’s Dolls. Her signature style makes me wish, I could adopt every single doll of her. It was a dream of mine to add a girl with red hair and matching red eyebrows to my collection to remind me of a red velvet cupcake. Rise is my first natural skin Pullip from MarΓ­a and I just cannot believe, how many perfect details she came with! First of all, her eyeshadow is simply amazing. It has the perfect reddish brown to add to Rise’s cute expression. I already once wrote that Maria’s make-up on her dolls looks flawless. And this also applies to her more prominent freckles. I especially love them on her nose! πŸ˜€ Then there are the eyechips, she is painting herself. I love this amazing green! They give Rise the most special feeling!

Rise by Poison GirlMarΓ­a’s styling of her girls is a playful and sweet with earwarmers, scarfs and leg warmers to keep them cozy. For Rise, she chose pink, yellow and peach. Peach was the biggest surprise for me, since I would have never bet, how amazing it would look with her hair. There is a whole new found respect for peach in my home now!

Rise by Poison GirlYou can also count on MarΓ­a to have the best wig selection for her little works of art! No matter, which wig she chooses, she will make sure that it perfectly blends in with the Pullips face and overall look. In general, they are all the best quality, thick and full. Each wig is cut and styled to fit the doll’s personality. I am so happy with Rise’s long hair and shaggy bangs. Her hair reminds me of a princess, who isn’t taking herself too seriously and prefers to be lovely and kind.

Rise by Poison GirlWhen it comes to the eyelids of a Poison Girl, you will find super cute polka-dotted eyelids. Polka dots sound so simple, but there is nothing simple about these kinds of polka dots: The ratio between the different sized dots is perfect and they are painted on so precise! Rise’s eyelids have a pink base with white, red and lime green polka dots. Again, lime green?! The perfect choice! I love those eyelids so much!

Rise by Poison GirlRise by Poison GirlAbout her name: I decided on Rise because it is a Japanese name I love very much! I really hope that it won’t get mixed up with the English verb ‘to rise’ too often. Although it is pretty funny to point ‘rise’ out of context and make it all about my Pullip baby! πŸ˜€ Also, ‘cherise’ is French for ‘cherry’, which paints a lovely connection to her hair!

Do you love redheaded Pullips as much as I do? In my opinion, there can never be too many in any doll collection! πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Meet Rise by Poison Girl’s Dolls!”

  1. Redheads are adorable – and Rise is the cutest of them all! I’m in love with her lips. She must bring you so much happiness!

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€ She does bring me a lot of joy; a true munchkin! I love her lips too, they remind me of cherries. I think, she would look so cute in Pullip Very Berry Pop’s stock! πŸ˜€

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