Putitto! Japan’s Newest Blind Box Trend!

Non Putitto Figures!
Sailor Moon and One Piece figures I have collected before Putitto came along!
Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!
Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!

Little figures, which are able to sit on the edge of your glasses to keep you company, are no new concept for Japanese blind boxes or gashapon. In the past years, I have already picked up various cuties, for example from Sailor Moon or One Piece. Now in 2017 these kinds of figures are more available than ever under the collective brand name Putitto. They have licenses with Disney, Pokémon, SAN-X and many, many more. Their figures are mainly sold in blind boxes, but I also found some in gashapon machines.

Putitto: Alice in WonderlandDisney’s Alice in Wonderland

There are lots of Disney Putitto series around (Toy Story, Disney Princesses, Classic Disney Scenes, etc.) and they looked mostly very well made and beautiful. My only beef with some of them were the wonky faces of the human characters, especially those of the Disney princesses! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite, if not my favorite Disney movie of all time! After already having invested a fair share of my shopping budget on Alice goods, my resistance towards these blind boxes proved to be futile, when I caved near the end of my trip and bought three boxes. I got super lucky and did not get Alice or the Mad Hatter, but my favorites: Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Baby Oysters.

Putitto Cheshire CatThe Cheshire Cat looks so funny tipping his pink ears and eyebrows like a hat! The pose of his paws is simply darling! His face and expression are perfect and I can say that all of my Alice-figures are super well made!

Putitto White RabbitIn comparison to Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit is a little bit harder to balance on your glass, since he can only hang sideways on its side from the handle of his umbrella to check the time on his golden pocketwatch. It is five o’clock and he is very late for a very important date! I love his tiny mouth opened with astonishment. Time flies!

Putitto Baby OystersThe Baby Oysters’ story in the movie always makes me super sad. But nobody can deny those tiny oysters their cuteness! They are already sold for double the prize on the secondhand market, which made me ecstatic to find them in my blind box. They are just two cuties hanging out with each other and telling funny stories. Both look so happy and I love their tiny white shoes!

Tanuki To Kitsune

Putitto KitsuneDiscovering new characters is always so mich fun! A new line for me was Tanuki to Kitsune, which literally features a badger and a fox. They are protagonists in a manga and their design is super cute and they seem to be the most adorable troublemakers ever! I don’t know much about them yet, but I could not miss out the chance to see, what kind of Putitto figure of them I would get in a blind box. As it turns out, I am now the proud owner of a dorayaki-munching Kitsune figure, who is right in the middle of taking his first bite. He has some black marks on his tummy, which is a shame, but I am still happy to have gotten him! Next time I hope to get his little badger buddy!

The Bears’ School

Putitto JackieThe Bears’ School is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Although this adorable series has been around for a long time, I never managed to bring a souvenir home with me. Being a little obsessed with this new trend of Putittos, I brought one figure home with me, which turned out to be Jackie, the protagonist, dressed up as a magician! Jackie is wearing a celebratory top hat, a vest decorated with a badge, a bow tie and a red star-shaped magic wand. The pose is similar to the White Rabbit’s and therefore is not the easiest to attach to your glass. Still, I could not be happier!

Sumikko Gurashi Vol. 2

Putitto NekoAs the title already tells, there has been another Sumikko Gurashi series been released in the past, which is still available in Japanese stores and features the basic Sumikko characters. The second volume has a slight twist in it, since it has the characters dressed up as penguins (with the exception of Tonkatsu, who is a walrus-but not judging!). In my box was Neko with the yellow Tapioca. While Neko is wearing a light blue penguin kigurumi (with an egg or a pearl in her right paw), Tapioca looks like wearing a see-through cat costume with a pink heart on its middle front. I know that there was a whole collection with this new penguin friend earlier in 2017, but I still have to read up about all of the details! ><

Pokémon Center Eeveelution Vol. 1

Putitto Espeon & UmbreonPutitto UmbreonThis collection could only be found in the Pokémon Centers’ very own gashapon machines. Part of this series are Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon and Espeon. The second volume with the additional Eeveelutions had by the time of my visit sold out in Ikebukuro. There also have been Putitto Pokémon Center gashapon series with different types of Pokémon. I went home with the perfect pair of Espeon and Umbreon. Umbreon is my favorite with its playful wink and paw next to its cheek. Espeon also is nothing short of perfect from its elegant upright posture and super cute ears, paying attention to everything in its surroundings!

Would you be interested in collecting Putitto figures as well? And would you have guessed that these kinds of figures would be able to gain so much popularity?

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Ahhhh! Blind boxes are the best! I love Putitto characters, but I don’t have enough glasses to set them on! I only have one cat, and he sits on my computer monitor. I love your collection!

    1. I know, right?! There will never be enough glasses to put all of these figures on! >< I display some of them on two Wonder Woman glasses on my figures' shelf. But I always have to pick a few and store the rest of them...no more or at least fewer Putittos in the future! 😀

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