Petit Chara Land: Sailor Moon Yukata Special ‘Let’s go to the Matsuri!’

Set of Petit Chara Sailor Moon Yukata SpecialToday I am going to share my most favorite Petit Chara release, which is the Sailor Moon Yukata Special. It also has the longer title Let’s go to the Matsuri!”. A matsuri is a Japanese summer festival. The set was released in June 2016 and released by Megahouse. Many Petit Chara series are sold in blind boxes, but nowadays limited edition boxes with the full collections seem to slowly become the norm. The Yukata Special was also sold as a full set in a window box. As the name reveals, all included Sailor Moon characters are wearing their best yukata to enjoy the matsuri to its fullest!

Usagi in yukata.
Usagi is so cute and excited!

Usagi with stand in the back.Tsukino Usagi, the civil form of Sailor Moon, is wearing a light pink yukata with hot pink and dark blue sakura, which are getting blown away from the wind, on it. Her obi matches the dark blue of her yukata and is traditionally tied into a beautiful bow in the back. Usago is also wearing pink tabi shoes and two pink ribbons in front of her dango (hair buns), which each has two silvery white sakura on it. Each girl comes with her own stand that is connected to the back of their heads. Usagi’s stand is a translucent hot pink with the same motif of her yukata printed in gold on it. She looks so cute and excited that I could eat her! You can also get a separate re-colored version of Usagi, which is limited.

ChibiUsa in yukata!
She’s definitely a Tsukino!

ChibiUsa, which is short for chibi/little Usagi, has a similar style to Usagi, since the print of their yukata is the same. ChibiUsa’s yukata is hot pink with a red and gold print of sakura getting blown through the sky. Her tabi are pink and her obi is golden. She is wearing two silvery white sakura in front of her left dango and they really managed to capture childish joy in her expression. So adorable! Her stand is light pink and while it has the same theme, the golden motive of the flying sakura was altered so it would not simply copy Usagi’s stand. ChibiUsa was the second and last figure of this set, which can also be purchased in a limited and re-colored version.

Ami in yukata.
Collected and still full of joy!

Ami's flower.Mizuno Ami, also known as Sailor Mercury, is wearing a baby blue yukata with a metallic blue obi. I believe that the print on her yukata are violet botan flowers, which are also called Japanese peonies, and green leaves. (When it comes to all of the flower motives, I tried to do a little research on flowers that are traditionally printed on yukata/kimono. In case, I made a mistake, please tell me, since it is a subject that interests me and that I would love to know more about!) A silvery white peony can also be found in her hair and in gold print on her milky transparent light blue stand. Her tabi are blue as well and she manages to still look collected and elegant, while being completely overjoyed at the same time!

Rei in yukata.
Rei is the first at the matsuri!

Rei's flower.Hino Rei, or Sailor Mars, is eagerly running towards the matsuri, while clutching her lilac bag with both hands. Her yukata is in a fiery red color and has a metallic violet obi, which matches the violet tabi and the bow on her purse. The red flower on her head, which looks amazing against her black hair, seems to be a tsubaki flower or Japanese camellia. It is also found printed on Rei’s yukata (one red and two pink tsubaki) and in gold print on the translucent light red stand. A sweet detail is her flowing hair, which makes it seem like she’s moving for real.

Makoto in yukata.
Will she share some sweeties?!

Kino Makoto, the school girl behind Sailor Jupiter, follows her friends and is wearing a yukata that matches her sailor suit. It is dark green with a metallic purple pink obi. The print on her yukata shows dark blue sparrows flying through hanging fuji (wisteria) flowers. The same motif can be found in gold on her translucent dark green stand. In her hair she is wearing her usual dark green hair tie, but the amazing thing of this Makoto figure is the cotton candy in her right hand. Things seem to have gotten a little messy because she is right in the middle of holding her hand in front of her face and sticking out her tongue. Cheeky and confident as she is, she counters the views of onlookers with a simple wink.

Minako in yukata.
Artemis ain’t staying at home!

Minako's Artemis-mask.Aino Minako, Sailor Venus, was the last inner senshi to join the group, but she is my favorite of the bunch because of the Artemis mask on her head. I am so in love with details like this! I guess, Minako is aware of my affection and that’s why she cannot stop winking. Her yukata is in a light orange and she is combining it with a metallic sky blue obi. My research left me clueless, when it comes to the flowers printed on her yukata and on her translucent yellow stand. The flowers on her yukata are dark orange and white. At the back of her head she is wearing her signature red ribbon, which matches her red tabi.

Do you also collect Sailor Moon figures? Any recommendations?

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. I know nothing about Sailor Moon (I’m a bit too old to catch the trend) but these figures are so adorable! I love little tiny things like this. So cute!

    1. I know, right?! The tinier, the cuter! πŸ˜€ I always have to tell myself to only stick to certain franchises. I would collect them all, if I could! πŸ˜‰

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