My Dolly Week #65: Happy Birthday, Ruri chan!

Happy Birthday to Ruri!Welcome to another ‘Dolly Week’ post on Komonogatari: Time just flies during these warm and sunny weeks! Last Saturday it has actually been one year since my lovely Ruri by Poison Girl’s Dolls joined my doll family. She was my first custom doll ever and I feel so lucky to have her! When friends and acquaintances ask me about my dolls, I tell them that it is all about fantasy and creativity. If you really love a doll, she (or he) is going to develop a personality. In Ruri’s case, she is pretty much my collection’s mascot and sweetheart. She means a lot to me!

Ruri’s outfit was made by Petite Creayations!

Sencha in Minnie's outfit!I realized that I haven’t shown Sencha in a while and wanted to take her picture in an outfit that she had never worn before. Due to Minnie going on a trip tomorrow, Sencha was allowed to borrow her trademark outfit and is loving it! You can tell that I am really into lilac and purple tones at the moment, they look so pretty, feminine and soothing!

Right now, I am in the middle of redecorating our apartment to make more space and declutter. Also to create more light and possibilities to make pictures of my dolls and figures. I am really hoping that it will pay off and will make me more confident to share my passions with you!

Groove put some pictures of new Pullip release Eileen on their blog last week, showing her outside of her box and from various angles. She is this year’s collaboration with Japanese lolita fashion brand ‘Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’ and Chinese magazine ‘Girlism’. Eileen is now available in Japanese stores and also available for pre-order on Pullip Style.

Last Sunday the main event of the Pullip anniversary exhibition took place in Yokohama’s Doll Museum with workshops and special events. It was also the special release of anniversary Pullip Etoile, who will be available in official stores later on. So far there is no information, if Etoile will be available for purchase outside of Japan, but since Pullip Ally, Pullip’s 10th anniversary doll, is still available through international sellers, I think that the chances are looking pretty good! Only two more days to go and Pullip will officially be fifteen years old and I hope that there will be many more years to come!

Now when it comes to Neo-Blythe releases, it is all about mermaids and unicorns right now! And if I could, I would get them both! The unicorn doll is called ‘Unicorn Maiden’ and her illustrations have just been released with the release date being set for August. Click here for all of her details! In the meantime, the promotional pictures for ‘Mermaid Tasha’ have been leaking all over social media. Click here to have a look!

Now I would like to know: Are you picky with your dolly displays or the way you are taking pictures of your girls and/or boys?! And wouldn’t you just love for Groove and AGA to also release a new Pullip mermaid and a Pullip unicorn for the first time? Are you as excited as I am to learn who has won the custom contest? Just a few days more…

Thank you so much for reading!


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