My Dolly Week #49: Introducing Sencha!

Welcome to the last Dolly Week post of January 2018! When looking at January so far, it feels like so many dolly related things happened that one month feels way too short. >< I also have lots of content for my Tuesday posts lined up, which means lots of cute things in the future! Yaaay! 🙂

Sencha by Poison GirlThe first girl to join my doll family in 2018 is Sencha, a girl whose beautiful face-up was done by Nina’s Dolls. I feel so lucky to have her because I love how Nina gives her Pullips tear ducts and her carving work on the nose, lips and philtrum. It is a very ethereal look. I don’t want to talk too much about Sencha now, since I still want to continue to give every girl her own post in 2018, but she definitely has a goddess of spring vibe. I am so excited!

Suzy and her friend NecchiI kind of hate to talk about lighting problems during winter, but I am so happy that one spot in the back of my flat seems to be useable again! No more being restricted to my living room only, feels pretty nice! 😉 Suzume and Necchi could only agree, when they were checking out the place before heading out. Right now it’s pretty bare, but a feeling tells me that things are going to change fast around here!

Ruri being a cute bear!Ruri is cute! Haha, there isn’t a lot else to say, since she is still wearing her favourite dress by Jiajiadoll. Should I do a whole post about my Jiajiadoll haul? If yes, it would take a few more weeks, since I had to order the second dress, I fell in love with in Japan, but her work is so detailed that it would be really nice to make pretty and detailed pictures!

Mayu is a model now!Also by Jiajiadoll is this amazing off-shoulder-if-you-want-to crop top! Honestly, as I’ve already mentioned last week, I am starting to enjoy a more realistic wardrobe on my dolls. It has to suit the individual doll of course, but Mayu is so versatile that she looks so amazing in jeans and an amazing top. Nobody wears it like Mayu!

Last week Groove made an announcement, which might lapse into a bigger pool of awesomeness: In celebration of her 15th anniversary, Pullip is getting her own exhibition in Yokohama’s Doll Museum from the 21st of April to the 24th of June! Additionally, there is going to be a ‘Doll Carnival’ for the first time in five years. We did not get any further details, but the fact that past Doll Carnivals went hand in hand with limited edition Pullip releases, I am getting my hopes up for a beautiful Pullip doll befitting the exhibition’s theme ‘Starry Sky Dreams’.

Another Pullip related news is a promotion on Pullip Style, which offers 10% off of certain Groove anime releases, mainly Sailor Moon dolls! My fingers are itching quite a bit to get Sailor Uranus or Sailor Mars…

Junie Moon is also teasing us a with Pretty Peony‘s cuteness, posting lots of pictures of her in different outfits. Her hair colour looks even prettier now!

That’s it for today, I feel like last week was more for organizing than to be super creative to be honest. I plan to write a customization post next week and hope that you are having a good time bonding with your dollies as well!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #49: Introducing Sencha!”

  1. Sencha is STUNNING. She looks so wistful. Almost like she is going to cry! Please don’t cry – you are in the most amazing doll family ever!

    Wait a minute – a Pullip exhibit in June? I *might* be able to go!!! Be still my heart! If I do, I will definitely report back!

    1. Thank you so much for the Sencha-love! Lots of hugs from her and the rest of my dolly family!

      From one Pullip fan to another: I really, really want you to go! >< It must be the next level, after being completely shocked that they sell Pullips in stores….now there is a whole exhibition!!! Pure magic! 😀

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