Review: Pullip Outfit Selection Capri Picnic Look Set

Sencha, wearing the Capri setUnfortunately there are not that many official Pullip outfit sets around anymore, but one that I am still seeing here and there, is Groove’s ‘Capri Picnic Look Set’ from their Outfit Selection line. It took me some time to add it to my dollies’ closet, but in the end I am glad that I did. Let’s dive into the post for this super season appropriate and darling Pullip ensemble starring Miss Sencha!

Sencha, wearing the Capri setSencha, wearing the Capri setThe main item is obviously the dress. It is pure white and covered with floral eyelet embroidery, which is incredibly high quality and lovely! It also has a Peter Pan collar, the skirt has an a-line and there is white lace all around its hemline. The skirt is also quite voluminous and I love how it folds!

Sencha, wearing the Capri setSencha, wearing the Capri setThe brown belt actually has to be attached separately. It has a tiny hook in the back, which is a pain to fasten around the dress. That being said, in my opinion it adds so much to the look, giving the dress so much voloume and shape, that I could not imagine the dress without it! It feels like pleather and has a cute bow in the middle. The fiddling around to get it on your doll is definitely worth it!

Sencha, wearing the Capri setSencha, wearing the Capri setFor a slightly preppier look and/or if it gets chilly, the set also comes with a bulky pastel yellow cardigan. It feels and looks so nice and goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit! There are no buttons on it and does not look too heavy for summer!

Sencha, wearing the Capri setSencha, wearing the Capri setThe Capri set comes with shoes (I am mentioning this because not all of them do) and a pair of socks. This is, where I feel the quality drops. The socks are out of very thin white lace, which tends to get stuck on the foot’s plastic while putting them on. You have to be super careful! The shoes are mint Mary Janes and unfortunately their surfaces are not smooth at all. Even though they are not super well made, one has to appreciate the overall colour selection!

Sencha, wearing the Capri setIf you still can get a hold of the Capri Picnic Look set, I can absolutely recommend it! I simply adore the dress and the little cardigan. I also can imagine to use the pieces individually for different outfits and love their versatility!

Where do you purchase your doll clothes? My favourite place is Etsy, but I honestly wish that there were more official Pullip outfits for us collectors to purchase! You can click here to read my review about the ‘Little Lenie Antique Skull’ set and also here for the ‘Valletta’ set!

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