Pokémon Center Plush: Sylveon & Leafeon Pokémon Doll (including my present collection)

I am always in trouble, when the Pokémon Center announces any releases related to the nine eeveelutions. So it was kind of a shock, when I read their announcement of their big event, which would bring back merchandise for all nine cuties at once. The main pieces of merchandise was the release of the new Pokémon Dolls, which I already own an Alolan Vulpix of. Deciding was pretty hard, but since I love pink and baby blue, Sylveon was basically a sealed deal from the beginning. Since a lot of past Leafeon releases looked kind of derpy, I was blown away by its cuteness and so these sweet creatures became part of my Poké-posse! 🙂

Pokemon Dolls Leafeon & Sylveon


Pokémon Doll SylveonPokémon Doll Sylveon backSylveon, my sweet fairy, is one of the most popular eeveelution due to the lovely appearance of pastel colors and flowy aura. Sylveon accessorizes with one bow tie and one hair bow and their ends are supposed to graciously flow around the Pokémon. I have to say that these ribbons are the best I have seen so far in recent Pokémon Center releases. Instead of thin felt, they are out of nice fluffy plush and while they still do not seem to get the colored ends quite right, they are not as hard from the dye like my other Sylveon’s are. True to Pokémon Doll fashion, Sylveon has a large oversized head. It is quite firm (like many Poké Center releases from past months, it is filled to the brim with some fibers sticking out between the stitches), but still cuddly. I simply love these big baby blue eyes. The cuteness level is only heightened by Sylveon’s missing mouth. I might be in love! 🙂 Also super positive is the fact that Sylveon’s tail is fitting its frame and is not as massive as the one from Alolan Vulpix. This way it is much easier to display.

My Sylveon collection!As you can see from the picture above, I also own a Sylveon from the Pokémon Time campaign, the awake version of the Kuttari plush and a random release from 2014, which suddenly came back in stock last year. I love all of them, but the look of the Pokémon Doll is my favorite! It also has the best quality by far, so if you are a Sylveon fan and still are able to get your hands on it, I highly recommend it!


Pokémon Doll LeafeonPokémon Doll Leafeon backLeafeon releases can be hit or miss. Most I have seen, were either quite old and expensive or a little bit too derpy to spend my money on. That is the reason, why I was delighted to see such a pretty Leafeon release coming our way! 🙂 Like Sylveon, It has a lovely oversized head with these beautiful twinkling bronze colored eyes! I would even go so far to say that I prefer Leafeon over Sylveon in this campaign! Unfortunately, the right leafy ear was squished during transport, but I hope that I wil find a way to flatten it out again. >< Leafeon’s head is softer and nicely sewed together and it also has a pretty normal sized tail, which won’t make it fall over.

My Leafeon collection!Leafeon cuteness!The only other Leafeon in my collection, is the awake Kuttari release, which shares the same beautiful eye color. Those two are quite similar design wise, but the Pokémon Doll is way bigger. Also in this case my recommendation is to get the Leafeon Pokémon Doll!

What Eeveelution is your favorite? Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Center Plush: Sylveon & Leafeon Pokémon Doll (including my present collection)”

  1. I know nothing about Pokémon (I don’t know a lot about many things!) but evee is my favorite. And anything designed by Shinzi Katoh!

    1. Eevee is truly hard to resist! 😀 There are so many Pokémon, you really can just have a few favorites-and Eevee is at the very top (next to Pikachu 😉 )!

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