I had it coming: After Pullip Sailor Neptune, who was the fifth Pullip and therefore a pioneer for my other girls, moved in a long time ago, Pullip Uranus has finally joined her and I don’t need to have a bad conscience anymore to stand in the way of true love! ⭐

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My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

Beautiful MichiruWelcome back to the second part of my Sailor Moon haul from Japan! Today I am going to share a lot more tiny trinkets and gashapon, which I can never say no to! If you randomly found this post (welcome!), you can click here to see part one! Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Pullip Princess SerenityFinding particular Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan can unfortunately not be as easy as you might think. Or you might happen to find exactly, what you wanted, but then the prize is double or triple the amount of its initial value. Many items were only manufactured according to the amount of pre-orders. After missing out on pre-ordering it, attaining products can become a nightmare, as it is often the case with Sailor Moon products by Bandai. This is exactly the reason, why I often prefer to buy my Sailor Moon goodies over the internet because sometimes even Ebay can be less of a struggle than trying to find a grail product in person! On the contrary, you can have lots of fun by having an open mind and looking at merchandise, which you might otherwise would not have thought about appreciating. These are all of the pretties I have obtained last September: Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

Qposket Petit Vol. 3Last December I remember running around Tokyo to find the newly released Qposket Sailor Moon set including my favourite outer senshi Sailor Neptune. You might have already read my review on her Pullip doll or seen my past collection in an Instagram post, so it should not be a surprise that I was beyond happy to have found the whole set nine months later in a secondhand store in Akihabara (which still remains the only time I have spotted it since then). The prize was pretty reasonable with 2980 Yen and I should also mention that, just as my Rapunzel figure, those figures were prices in crane machines in Japanese arcades. Let’s get started with some Sailor Moon cuteness!

Sailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonEven though I wanted this set mainly for Sailor Neptune, the figure of Sailor Moon is my favorite! Her face looks the cutest to me, her mouth the poutiest and her pose the most iconic. The biggest surprise are the decorations in her dangos, which have a lovely orange red sheen. Her hairstyle in general looks lovely and also the metallic sheen of her jewelry is stunning. For a smaller Sailor Moon figure, I am so surprised by the quality and accuracy. Her face is very peachy toned and she has the prettiest greenish blue eyes. She also comes with a clear yellow stand, which also supports her head in the back. Continue reading Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus