My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Pullip Princess SerenityFinding particular Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan can unfortunately not be as easy as you might think. Or you might happen to find exactly, what you wanted, but then the prize is double or triple the amount of its initial value. Many items were only manufactured according to the amount of pre-orders. After missing out on pre-ordering it, attaining products can become a nightmare, as it is often the case with Sailor Moon products by Bandai. This is exactly the reason, why I often prefer to buy my Sailor Moon goodies over the internet because sometimes even Ebay can be less of a struggle than trying to find a grail product in person! On the contrary, you can have lots of fun by having an open mind and looking at merchandise, which you might otherwise would not have thought about appreciating. These are all of the pretties I have obtained last September:

Sailor Moon Make Up by Creer Beaute

My little make up haul!As a make up afficionado, Sailor Moon make up is something I absolutely love, although I have to admit that its functionality is only secondary for me. I am completely fascinated by having a lip crayon shaped like her legendary moon stick. That being said, I am not wooed by everything and need a certain kind of whimsy to lure me in. While in the past there were only black eyeliners being sold in different transformation rods, Creer Beaute has since then offered a broader variety of products, which allows fans to own pretty make up for different parts of their face, instead of only shuffling through seasons of the anime in form of their daily eyeliners.

Felt eyelinersSince my Cutie Moon Rod eyeliner dried up a long time ago, I decided on the Spiral Heart eyeliner because I was very happy with its quality. (If you want to settle with a longer lasting eyeliner, try K-Palette or Mote liner!) It is a nice deep black color and does its job. No grey and transparent mess!

kohl eyelinerlip crayonThe rest of my bought items I actually have not used yet, but I may review them in the future, since they do make my heart beat faster! I bought a khol liner looking like the Transformation Pen and a lip crayon in a light apricot in the form of the most famous Moon Rod. I really hope that they are nice quality. Also, all of the mentioned products so far, can be found in a wide selection of shops, but my favorite place to shop for them is It’s Demo, which is a shop for beauty, accessories and stationary. Each item was between 1200 and 1500 Yen.

moisture lipstickopen lipstickMy most expensive product is another Transformation Pen from Creer Beaute’s high end Sailor Moon make up line, which is mostly known for their gorgeous compacts, which I own one of. My favorite place to shop for them is Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza and don’t be afraid to talk to the staff, if you want to purchase an item from their display case. What I love most about their high end line, is the fact that the packaging is the most beautiful I have ever seen from Sailor Moon merchandise, maybe with the exception of products from Proplica, which are pricier and I do not own something of so far. Just look, how beautiful and shiny it is! I am sure that the color inside will be pretty sheer, but I have enough high pigmented lipsticks and will treasure this baby forever! The lipstick was about 3500 Yen.

Sailor Moon X My Melody

I was pretty good, when it comes to the Sailor Moon and My Melody collaboration. Unwillingly good, since I should have just taken to Ebay, since no 7/11 in my area still had their merchandise available. Still, I should be happy to actually have been able to get anything because a collaboration like that is like a match made in heaven for me!

towelThis fluffy pink towel is a souvenir from Sanrio Puroland, where only three items of this collection were available. It has the perfect size for a face towel, but there is no chance that I will ever use it! It has pink moons and stars all over it and I love the heart shaped image with My Melody, Luna and Sailor Moon so much! I also love the purple stitched collaboration name and the pink bow.

note bookinner pagesback of the notebookMy stationary geek was completely out of it, finding this cute notebook in a Sanrio Store. My Melody is on the cover in her Sailor Moon inspired sailor suit with Usagi and Luna. The writing in the front is golden and the rest is matte pastel cuteness. The back is a little less spectacular, but still very kawaii with My Melody, Luna and Usagi peeking out of a heart and being their sweet selves! The paper inside is pure white and lined in hot pink with the pink collaboration logo on top and cute images at the bottom. My favourite image is the one of My Melody and Sailor Moon sticking their heads together and winking! It is so special!

Here ends part one of my Sailor Moon goodies! I will post the second part tomorrow, otherwise this would have been a beast! Have you ever tried Sailor Moon make up before?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1”

  1. That makeup is beautiful! I don’t wear much, but that lipstick is calling my name! I love to have touches of whimsy among my dull everyday clothes.

    And my favorite – SAILOR MOON X MY MELODY!!! I swear, I am so lucky that I have two daughters who love this stuff versus two boys who would just want to play Pokemon all day (although that’s fine too!) I get to indulge my love of all things pink and shiny through them. I’m so glad that you got some stuff!

    1. Yes! You really do need some whimsy for tiny touches of not-so-grown-up life sometimes! That’s why I love Japan so much, you can get everyday things with a touch of fantasy as an adult and nobody gives you the side-eye!

      It’s so lovely that you and girls share the same interests!

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