My Dolly Week #54: Clear Lan & A Wedding Usagi!

It is ‘Dolly Week’ time! I hope that March welcomed you all warmly and that everybody is doing well! Last week I tested out a wonderful clothing brand for all kinds of dollies and we got some pretty surprising news from Groove Inc., regarding two new June releases. Let’s start!

Miss Mayu wearing a new outfit!Miss Mayu, thinking about music!The clothing brand I was just writing about and I completely fell in love with, is ‘Clear Lan‘. It is based in Singapore and offers to make clothes fitting for various dolls and body types. After ordering, you enter a waiting period and its length depends on how many orders came in before yours. I only had to wait for two weeks, before I got the shipping confirmation. But honestly, I would not have minded waiting longer for something that truly fits my obitsu girls! In the picture above, Mayu is wearing two tops from Clear Lan: A long sleeved tight fitting beige turtleneck sweater out of thin cotton and a dark red coloured strappy top on top of it. I just love that their clothes are inspired by contemporary Asian fashion, especially this combination feels like something you could encounter on Korean streets! Mayu likes to combine her lovely tops with a asymmetrical skirt by Jiajiadoll and crimson tights. Doesn’t she look ready for dance lessons?!

Miss Ruri in her awesome trench coat!On warmer days the cape is too much for Miss Ruri!The third item by Clear Lan, was this amazing navy trench coat, which is the definition of chic! This time my model is Miss Ruri, who was very pleased with how perfectly fitting it was for her OB27! Just let me also very quickly tell you that you won’t or hardly be able to fit any other clothes underneath it; that’s how fitted it is! The coat comes with three pieces in total: The coat itself, a simple belt and a mini cape to go on top. This versatility makes it such a good purchase! I should also mention that the material is very thick, everything is beautifully sewn and you have lots of tiny buttons to elevate the feeling that it is a very special piece of doll clothing! The only thing I am not going to do, is to leave it on my dolls’ bodies for too long, since I am afraid of the material staining. It is a coat for pictures and special occasions! πŸ˜‰

Promotional picture of the Sailor Moon wedding dolls!The announcements for new releases last week were quite surprising because I honestly would not have thought that Groove Inc. would produce a doll of Usagi Tsukino in a wedding dress, which makes her the fifth Usagi/Sailor Moon to date (I am not counting Pullip Queen Serenity because she is a different character and different colouring)! There will also be a wedding themed Taeyang of Mamoru Chiba, which honestly surprised me because many fans are still waiting for a Taeyang of Prince Endymion! Both of these new dolls are based on art work, which is not part of the original manga. Still, this release makes lots of sense to me, since Usagi is always obsessed with getting married in the original and I am seeing an increase in wedding related character goods from Japan this year in general. Being released in June, also fits the narration that being a ‘June bride’ is a sign of luck, due to it being the month related to Juno, the Goddess of marriage.

Promotional picture of Pullip Wedding Usagi Tsukino.Pullip Princess Serenity's faceBeing a Sailor Moon fan, I was very interested in Usagi’s face up and it honestly reminds me a lot of my Pullip Princess Serenity! Both are wearing yellow and pink eyeshadow with minor differences from one another. Wedding Usagi seems to have paler lips, no crescent moon on her forehead and her eyechips seem to have the same blue translucency with the difference of having golden flecks inside of them, instead of shimmering sequins.

Pullip Princess Serenity's underskirt
Princess Serenity

Wedding Usagi's underskirt. (Promotional image)We also got a picture of both of the dolls on display, which gave us a better look at the dress. Its skirt just reminds me a lot of Serenity’s dress too! With the difference being the layer with all the white and golden embroidery on top and that the lace at the hemline of her underskirt is a mixture of white and golden embroidered roses too. Serenity’s underskirt has embroideries in all white at the hemline. I am telling you these things because these are the most prominent similarities in my eyes, if you are considering either of these dolls! I still rather want to add Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon to my collection!

What do you think about this new release? Do Usagi and Mamoru tickle your fancy? I was so surprised, seeing their promotional images!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #54: Clear Lan & A Wedding Usagi!”

  1. Those clothes are super cute! Your dolls are way more fashionable than I ever hope to be!

    Ah, wedding Usagi and Mamoru. I’m sure they will be very popular! They are a very pretty couple!

    1. Thank you so much, Mari! πŸ™‚ My dolls are also way more fashionable than me! >< I also think that the wedding couple will be popular! Honestly, I could even imagine gifting them to doll fans at a wedding! Wouldn't that be so super fun?!

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