My Blythe girls came back from their makeover by Poshidolls and are now sporting their own adorable personalities! ‘Lorshek Molseh’ was customized with BLACKPINK’S Jennie in mind, while ‘Ufo A-Go-Go’ has a spring, sakura theme.

Are you a collector of Blythe dolls too?

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After talking about giving my Blythe dolls more love for ages, I am finally putting my money, where my mouth is and present you my second Neo-Blythe doll Lorshek Molseh, who is a 2014 release and has – as her name is an anagram for Sherlock Holmes – a detective theme. Her stock outfit simply rocks! πŸ”

Please expect more Blythe videos in the future! 😊

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My Dolly Week #31: Reunited with Munchkins!

Finally being on time, I can share how good it feels to be surounded by my darling dollies again! Even though I was having so, so much fun, I could not be happier to be reunited with all of my munchkins and introduce them to Poppy and Sayaka. And I have to admit: It is a little overwhelming to have so many opportunities to take pictures again, even though the big window in our hotel was awesome!

Pullip Marie with the White Rabbit.I really hope that you will enjoy my shopping guide, which went online early today and which I was looking forward to writing in months! πŸ™‚ I am so happy to have finished this major passion project of mine! There will be more Japan posts, since I want to write them, while everything is still fresh in my memory!

Promo picture of the Revolutionary Girl Utena Pullips.Pullip AnthyPullip UtenaWhich brings me to the load of new announcements that I have and want to write about! The most exciting one is definitely how beautiful Groove’s upcoming Pullips in collaboration with anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena are! I need to catch up the series to have an excuse for acquiring these beauties! πŸ˜‰ I really love that Groove did their eye makeup in a typical anime-style, as they did with the Rose of Versailles and Madoka Magica dolls! They will be released in December, which means that they will probably be the last Pullip releases of 2017. Time flies crazily fast! Continue reading My Dolly Week #31: Reunited with Munchkins!

Where to buy Pullips in Tokyo!

My munchkins Ruri and Mayu from Poison Girl Dolls in Azone kimonos!I have visited Tokyo four times now, twice as a Pullip admirer and twice as a Pullip collector. Seeing Pullips in person in different stores is something very special and definitely influences your view on certain models, when you see their individual beautiful faces in person. As I have found out in the past, there are places, which are overwhelmingly amazing and some are a little disappointing, when it comes to your expectations. That is exactly, why I am writing this article to give my honest insights to help you get the Pullip experience you want.

Radio/Rajio Kaikan in Akihabara

Radio Kaikan from outside.Radio Kaikan is a big complex of different Japanese hobby related stores, full of figures, gashapon and goodies for doll collectors! Fans of BJDs might already have heard from it, since the Volks Store is on the 8th floor, but there are three stores on three different floors in total, which sell Pullip dolls.

Azone LabelshopAzone's kimonos.Pullips in the Azone Labelshop.Mad Hatter in Azone's World.The most famous one is the Azone Labelshop on the 7th floor, which primarily sells its own brand of cute dolls, but also carries a nice selection of recent Pullips next to a cute display case. They also sell MIO products and nude dolls, even though they do not come cheap for a price of approximately 8000 yen. Super exciting is the big selection of obitsu products and Azone’s own Pure Neemo clothing, which can also fit Pullips. My favorite pieces are two kimonos, which I will show in a separate dolly haul soon. If you are a fan of other dolls than Azones or Pullips, you also have a selection of Cu-Poche, Blythes, Momokos and Rurukos. It is also wonderful to browse their lovely displays, which you are allowed to take pictures of. There goes a lot of detail into these and you can basically feel the dolly love! Continue reading Where to buy Pullips in Tokyo!

Visiting the Junie Moon Store in Shinjuku!

Inside of Junie Moon in Shinjuku!The Junie Moon shop inside of Shinjuku’s Marui Annex building was the first I have ever visited, but I do not believe that I will not sneakily stop by once more (Edit: I did a few days after I wrote that! πŸ˜€ ). Their main focus are Takara Tomy’s Blythe dolls and they sell lots of accessories; even cute stationary, bags, wallets, etc. for super fans.

The available stock Blythe dolls.The Neo-Blythe dolls available were Vera Florentine, Joanna Gentianna, Gracey Chantilly, Ufo A Go-Go, Varsity Dean and Playful Raindrops, along with Middie-Blythes Dainty Meadow and Rampion of the Valley.

The wall with all of the dolly clothes!Junie Moon also produces their own doll clothes, which are mostly on a 1/6 scale and will also fit dolls like Pullip or Momoko. Their label is called ‘Junie Moon Dollywear’ and often collaborates with different brands. Right now they sell two gorgeous sets designed by Japanese lolita fashion brand ‘Alice and the Pirates’ and four lovely sets in collaboration with Sanrio’s ‘Little Twin Stars’ characters. Their doll clothes are not cheap, but they are lovely and well made. Definitely worth a splurge!

Pretty and affordable hair pins!My most favorite part of the shop, was the corner with lots of pretty hair clips for super reasonable prices. I cannot imagine more kawaii hairclips than those available in Junie Moon! Almost as exciting was their tiny selection of doll clothes created by other creators, formost Jiajiadolls. I had a hard time resisting, but I have so many items from Jiajiadolls on my wishlist that I plan to order them through her Etsy shop.

Jiajiadoll's outfit! Another outfit by Jiajiadoll!Also very interesting is their small selection of glasses (or their plastic frames) and shoes, which are mainly by the obitsu brand. My favorites were cute ballet flats in baby blue and pink that I had already seen on Etsy. I don’t know their exact label, but they were also available in black and white, as were other pleather platform heels and boots. Super cute is their 3-pack of cute dolly panties for just 1000 Yen.

Cute mugs!If you want to own lots of accessories with cute Blythes on them, you are in luck: You have a wide selection from washi tapes to notebooks and various calendars. You can even go as far as purchasing totes, shopping bags and wallets.

Restyled Pineapple Princess!Different hairstyles!There is also lots of eye candy in the store, starring stock Blythes redressed with new hairstyles. This is how I spotted a wildly popular and therefore sold out Neo-Blythe Pineapple Princess. You can even bring your doll to the store as well and use one of their petite and ΓΌber cute photo backgrounds.

Custom Blythe!Custom Blythe!With a logically higher price tag, there are also some custom dolls available, which were so interesting to check out. Especially for me, since I have never had seen a custom Blythe in the wild before! πŸ˜‰

A real cutie!Before you visit the store, I can absolutely recommend you its Instagram account, which gets frequently updated and where you can check out any sales or promotions. Actually, the next day after my shopping tour, lots of Halloween and even some Christmas outfits became available in the Shinjuku location with a 50% off discount tag.

Custom Middie!I also visited their Shibuya location as well and do a detailed dolly haul separately! πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading!


My Dolly Week #17: Blanche arrived, Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon & Pullip characters!

Welcome to another Dolly Week on Komonogatari! πŸ˜€ This week I have been away for a few days, but that did not stop me from getting some quality time with my dollies and there were some amazing announcements this week, which I am tremendously looking forward to!

Pullip Blanche and Princess SerenityFirst of all, Pullip Blanche arrived this week. I was pretty lucky to get her brand new in great condition, even though she is on a type 3-body, which are prone to be quite fragile and easy to crack especially at the wrists. Two stones fell out of her beautiful earrings, but they were securely sliding around in her box and it won’t be a hard task to glue them back in. Blanche, who I renamed Orphelia, is a stunning release. I cannot help feeling extremely lucky that she joined my family. I already love her so much! When I realised that her outfit had a lot in common with Pullip Princess Serenity, I had to make a picture of my cuties, put it on Instagram and I was quite happy and proud that it started trending under #pullip and made it to second place. I did not write on Instagram about it, but please note that I am very thankful for every support and love to share dolly love!

Carlie, my Pullip Bloody Red HoodActually, the more time I am spending with my dolls, the more they are getting their own characters and backstories. One day I wanted to change up Carlie’s hair and as it turns out, she is the type of girl that looks amazing in two braids. She can even wear this knitted beanie (from KukiDolls) in summer and looks amazing. I never until now knew that Carlie is an artist, who loves to paint, play guitar and play with kitties. We definitely got to know each other better this week! Continue reading My Dolly Week #17: Blanche arrived, Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon & Pullip characters!

Review: Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go

Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go
Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go

Ufo A Go-Go is a recent Neo-Blythe release and the first Blythe in my collection. I started collecting Pullips with Alice du Jardin Mint and so it is not a big surprise that I was drawn to Ufo A Go-Gos minty hair. She is supposed to be an alien that works in space, which explains her awesome and funky outfit. She was released in Japan in December 2016 and I cannot imagine that she will be the last Blythe to grace my home. Continue reading Review: Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go