Review: Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go

Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go
Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go

Ufo A Go-Go is a recent Neo-Blythe release and the first Blythe in my collection. I started collecting Pullips with Alice du Jardin Mint and so it is not a big surprise that I was drawn to Ufo A Go-Gos minty hair. She is supposed to be an alien that works in space, which explains her awesome and funky outfit. She was released in Japan in December 2016 and I cannot imagine that she will be the last Blythe to grace my home.

Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go's Face-Up
Neo-Blythe Ufo A Go-Go’s Face-Up
Ufo A Go-Go has a shiny face (the official facetype is called radiance +) and a pale complexion. She wears turquoise eyeshadow. Her lips and cheeks are officially described as salmon pink, which is a pretty acurate description.
Reddish Pink Eyechips
Reddish Pink
Minty Blue Eyechips
Minty Blue
Indigo Blue Eyechips
Indigo Blue

Neo-Blythes are able to have four different sets of eye chips and Ufo A Go-Go’s are a reddish pink (facing to the front), a silvery grey (facing to the left), a deep indigo blue (facing to the right) and a light minty blue (facing to the front). The silvery gray and minty blue are special-colored eyechips. To give Ufo A Go-Go an overall softer look, her eyelashes are in a medium brown-color, which are also described as special.

Ufo A Go-Go's hair
Ufo A Go-Go’s Hair
Her mint-colored hair has bangs in the front, which would cover her eyebrows, if she had any drawn on to her face. In the back it goes down to her shoulder blades and unfortunately, in my Blythe’s case, it is quite frizzy. I often see it as a product of her goofy personality that wants to rock in her 60ies-inspired mod clothes. Her hair-plate (Neo-Blythes have rooted hair) is colored in the same color as her hair.
Ufo A Go-Go's 60ies Outfit!
Ufo A Go-Go is groovy!
Guess, who's the alien?!
Who’s the alien?!

Ufo A Go-Go fits into an updated version of the London of the Swinging Sixties. She wears a short a-line dress in a white and black chessboard-print with a silver collar and little alien detail near the hemline. Underneath she wears panties out of really cheap fabric and silver fishnet-stockings. Her silver and white platform-boots are a favourite of mine, even though they are out of plastic, they look fantastic and not cheap at all.

Ufo A Go-Go's Accessories
Ufo A Go-Go’s Accessories
Other accessories include her white opera gloves that are very adorable and a silver headband, which I really hate. It is out of very rough fabric that can damage her hair. I only put it in her hair for the sake of taking pictures and when I took it of, it managed to pull some hair out.
Pretty cool are Ufo A Go-Go’s silver-framed sunnies. They fit her face really well and you can remove the dark glasses to make reading glasses out of them.
Ufo A Go-Go goes galactic!
Ufo A Go-Go goes galactic!
Back of the hat.
Back of the hat.
Ufo A Go-Go's Hat
Ufo A Go-Go’s Hat
The coat's collar.
The coat’s collar.

My favorite stock-pieces are the coat and little pillbox-hat that have an amazing galactic print on them. She looks like a flight attendant from space, when jet-set was still only attainable for the super-rich. The coat has an a-line cut to fit her dress underneath, fake silver pockets and a rhinestone at the middle top of her collar that can be closed with a press stud.

The pillbox-hat has the same square-shaped silver-colored rhinestone in the middle and can be secured in her hair with a comb that is sewn in its back.
Ufo A Go-Go; give her a go-go!
Ufo A Go-Go; give her a go-go!
Ufo A Go-Go was the perfect introduction to Neo-Blythes for me. Everytime I see her just chilling in my home, she puts a smile on my face because she is just too cute. I know that with Blythes, as well as with Pullips and other dolls, it is very much a question of taste, if you will enjoy her in your collection. But I can only encourage you to give it a go (or a Go-Go in this case) because she brings all kinds of cute with her!
Thank you for reading!

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