My Dolly Week #31: Reunited with Munchkins!

Finally being on time, I can share how good it feels to be surounded by my darling dollies again! Even though I was having so, so much fun, I could not be happier to be reunited with all of my munchkins and introduce them to Poppy and Sayaka. And I have to admit: It is a little overwhelming to have so many opportunities to take pictures again, even though the big window in our hotel was awesome!

Pullip Marie with the White Rabbit.I really hope that you will enjoy my shopping guide, which went online early today and which I was looking forward to writing in months! 🙂 I am so happy to have finished this major passion project of mine! There will be more Japan posts, since I want to write them, while everything is still fresh in my memory!

Promo picture of the Revolutionary Girl Utena Pullips.Pullip AnthyPullip UtenaWhich brings me to the load of new announcements that I have and want to write about! The most exciting one is definitely how beautiful Groove’s upcoming Pullips in collaboration with anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena are! I need to catch up the series to have an excuse for acquiring these beauties! 😉 I really love that Groove did their eye makeup in a typical anime-style, as they did with the Rose of Versailles and Madoka Magica dolls! They will be released in December, which means that they will probably be the last Pullip releases of 2017. Time flies crazily fast!

【シェリー・ヴィクトリアン🎩展示中🎶】 ハスブロ限定ネオブライス『シェリー・ヴィクトリアン』の最終仕様が発表されました🌟 . JunieMoon代官山店では本日よらサンプルドールを展示中です💕 細部までこだわられており、とっても可愛いですよ😍❣❣ 抽選申し込みは9月24日(日)まで! 是非見にいらして下さいね🌟 . #juniemoon #ジュニームーン #blythe #ブライス #サンプル #展示中 #シェリーヴィクトリアン #申し込み受付中

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Very lovely are also Junie Moon’s pictures of two upcoming Neo-Blythes. Normally I like to start with my favorite, but I absolutely cannot make up my mind to play favorites here. Let’s start with Sherry Victorian, who reminds me a lot of Pullip Steampunk Aurora, a Pullip on my grail wishlist. She is fierce and so cute at the same time! I love seeing all of her pretty pictures on the Junie Moon accounts. I know that she is going to be a little more expensive on Junie Moon, since she is a Japan exclusive-so please be on your toes, if you really want to add her to your collection!

10月20日発売のネオブライス『ミュージカルトレンチ』のご予約の受け付けを、店頭で明日9/23(土)から開始します。(※全額前払いとなります) 予定数量に達し次第終了となります。 サンプルドールは9/23(土)〜9/29(金)まで展示致します。 ご予約について、詳しくは大阪・堀江店のブログをご覧下さい✨ #ジュニームーン大阪 #ミュージカルトレンチ #ブライス

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In comes Musical Trench, a music lover with the world’s best matched accessories. Again, she is breathtakingly cute and I would like her name-giving trenchcoat in my size. And to be completely honest: How amazing would it be to go to a show and then suddenly pull her out of a bag, showing everybody not only your good taste in music-but also in dolls! Think about it. 😉

Furthermore, Middie Cute Little Dee, came out a few days ago and now can be ordered. I saw her in person in the Junie Moon Shibuya store (I plan to write an article on it back to back after this post) and absolutely fell in love: I adore her metallic denim blue eyeliner so much and love the Middie Blythes’ shy expression!

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Pullip Mocha MIO kits are now in stock at Pullip Style and a new limited Pullip has been listed on the official Korean website. It is a new version of Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome with a beautiful black wig and silver eyechips. There is no information yet, how many dolls of her will be sold and how expensive she is going to be, but she might be in the same range of the Special Version of Pullip Veritas, who went on sale last year and immediately disappeared into the home of Pullip lovers due to her high demand.

How has everybody’s Dolly Week been? I hope that everybody is good and wish you a happy upcoming week!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #31: Reunited with Munchkins!”

  1. So many beautiful dolls coming up! It’s like early Christmas! I think they are all beautiful. My favorite is the Utena doll… but I have such warm feeling for that anime. I wish I could have them all!!!

    1. The thing I love the most about Utena are her pink eyebrows! I see pictures of her and love her face immediately! And I cannot even imagine, how great it has to be, if the anime is something you truly treasure in your heart! Also that beautiful pink wig! I totally want to enable you to get her! 😉 Would it be bad, if I would add her to my collection before checking out the anime?! ><

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