Review: Pullip Summer Purezza (2005)

Pullip Summer PurezzaThere have been a few different releases of Pullip Purezza in Pullip history. There was Winter Purezza, Spring Purezza, Fall Purezza and finally Brand New Purezza, next to my baby that I want to show you today: Summer Purezza from 2005, who was released from Jun Planning on an early type-3 body. She was limited to 500 dolls. I found her last September in Japan and really fell in love with her clean face up and cute expression. Early Pullips have their own charm about them, even though they do will come with some flaws due to their age, which I will also discuss in this review.

Pullip Summer Purezza So what will you have to consider, if you get her NRFB?! Summer Purezza comes with a necklace, bracelet and anklet out of colorful beads. When you take her out of the box, the elastic band holding them all together breaks because it’s porose after waiting in the box for 12 years. I also had to throw out her handbag out of green and pink pleather because it was falling apart after the long way back from Japan. Lastly, Summer Purezza’s type-3 body is the floppiest I have ever seen. My other type-3 girls are newer releases and my poor girl is really popping from side to side. Needless to say that she will be rebodied.

Pullip Summer Purezza's face upTypically for early releases, she has rubber eyechips in a hazelnut brown with a white star, further white accents and two dark blue dots in them. For some reason, her eyechips tend to get mega dusty. I had to wipe them carefully down several times, but then they looked fine. The eyechips look nicely with the rest of her face up, with my personal favorite being the blonde eyebrows with fine hazelnut brown hairs painted over them. They make her look so groomed and put together! Summer Purezza has black eyeliner on her inner water lines and white and brown drawn-on lashes on the outer corner of her upper lashline. On her lower lashline the drawn-on lashes are spread out further apart and bigger with each lash having a white counterpart. White can also be found in the crease, right next to a light blonde.

Pullip Summer Purezza's eyelidsSummer Purezza's lipsSummer Purezza is not able to keep her eyes closed and her eyelids are nude with finde hazelnut brown eyeliner. There is a little bit of subtle blush going on her cheeks, which is a mixture out of yellow and pink. It is placed under her cheekbones and I love her full lips. Her lips are in a quite early 2000 light pink, when I remember it was the hottest lip color anybody could wear. She also has nude accents (vertical stripes) on them, which works nicely to give them more dimension.

Pullip Summer Purezza's wigHer dry endsFor spending 12 years in a box, the wig is surprisingly amazing. It is longer than the Pullip herself, hazelnut brown with a beautiful reddish sheen. It feels lovely and soft and the style is not outdated, since it has a simple side part. The only parts that suffered, are its ends, which feel super dry and need to be cut; and they screwed up the glue right in front of the middle part, which makes her hairline often messier than it should be!

Pullip Summer Purezza's topFrom the backAs the name suggests, Summer Purezza is a child of the warmest months of the year and her whole stock makes her beach ready. She is wearing a flowy bottle green top out of cotton, which closes in the back with one press stud.

Pullip Summer Purezza's top and skirtFrom the backThe outfit underneath the green top is so amazing! It is a sunshine yellow ensemble out of a simple tube top, which closes in the back with velcro and a ruffly mini skirt with a bow in its top middle and white lace on the hemline of each layer. It closes in the back with velcro and is out of great quality!

Pullip Summer Purezza's flip flopsTo prevent her feet from burning on the hot sand, she has her flip-flops, which fit her feet perfectly and look so cute! They are out of a sturdy foam material, mainly yellow with a yellow flower on top, green soles and pink straps.

Pullip Summer Purezza wearing her cool aviators!Some things never go out of style. Aviator sunglasses, for example! Summer Purezza comes with her own pair with copper frames and sepia colored glasses. Just like their human cousins, they have some plastic on the nose bridge to keep them from falling off of your Pullips face. I am such a big fan of doll sized glasses that I am so excited and happy to have them in my collection now!

Pullip Summer Purezza wearing her hat!Meshy back of the hatFront of the hatA stock part that might not have been so lucky to withstand the test of time, is her white and pink biker cap, which has cotton in the front and is all mesh on the back. Just look at the with gem stones bedazzled (still love that Malcolm in the Middle reference) front, palm tree and the word ‘Happy’. Its look does not make me happy, but it probably did some people in 2005. Some trends deserve to die; it does not even sit nicely on her head!

Pullip Summer Purezza's boogie boardHaving fun in the water, you cannot go to the beach without your favorite pink boogie board out of plastic, which incidentally also has ‘Happy’ written on it. Summer Purezza loves to be all matchy matchy!

Pullip Summer Purezza going to the beachAlthough this is a 12 year-old doll and some of her stock did not survive the test of time, I have to admit to have been blown away by the rest of her stock. Much like Pullip Blanche, who I have reviewed before. Summer Purezza will undergo some changes, but all in all there are no regrets about my purchase.

Is Pullip Purezza a beauty to your liking? Do you have any thoughts about the evolution of Pullip’s face up?

Thank you so much for reading!


PS: I have since customized Summer Purezza, who I call Poppy. I will show her on the blog soon, but please feel free to visit my first Instagram picture of her!

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    1. Thank you, it was so random to find a Pullip Purezza! πŸ™‚ I enjoy Pullip’s history a lot and wish I would have started out sooner. But at least I can build my dolly family now and fully appreciate it! πŸ™‚

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