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Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopFunko Pop!’s vinyl figures rose to so much fame in the last few years that I am pretty sure that no introduction to them is necessary, since they are so good in fulfilling everybody’s pop culturall needs. I got my first figure, Princess Amidala, in Saint-Denis in 2013, when visiting the Star Wars Identities exhibition and was magically able to resist their other dozens and dozens of figures – until now! Toei Animation teamed up with Funko! to bring us the beloved characters from Sailor Moon; first the inner and now even the outer senshi. And of course I had to get my favourite Sailor Neptune first!

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopI rarely write about the packaging figures or dolls come in, but since many collectors love to keep their Funko! figures in their boxes and build little walls of cuteness, I am going to make an exception. Sailor Neptune’s box is sporting the Sailor Moon logo next to her official release number, which is 298. On the side you are blessed with a super cute drawing of Sailor Neptune and on the back you will find the whole collection Sailor Neptune is part of, which also includes Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune counts about 10,5cm/4,13 inches and in typical Funko! Pop fashion, she has an oversized, slightly square-shaped head with big black eyes and no mouth. She is just so, so cute with her light blushing and I love how pretty and golden her tiara looks.

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopMy favourite thing about this figure, is her beautiful hair. In general, the paint job on her whole head is sublime and perfect. Sailor Neptune is known for her perfect waves and middle parting in a deep sea green. The Funko! figure does not disappoint at all and gifts us with beautiful locks from every perspective.

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopSailor Neptune by Funko! PopThe main selling point for me was Sailor Neptune being portrayed with her talisman, her deep aqua mirror. All of the other outer senshi come with their talismans, which is such a nice touch! My only complaint is that the paint job is not as perfect as I would like it to be. Quite a contrast to the head! The mold on the other hand is wonderful and she has the cutest little hands!

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopHer shoes, Sailor Neptune’s signature criss-crossed Mary Janes, are my least favourite part of the figure, since her laces look pretty messed up and the color of the Mary Janes themselves somehow seem unevenly painted. She also comes with a thin translucent stand out of plastic, which does its job super well and I am happy that a stand is included. It is pretty clear to me that the main focus lies on her beautiful head!

Sailor Neptune by Funko! Pop and Pullip Sailor NeptuneAll in all you get a beautiful figure for about 10€, which is a wonderful deal! I actually love her so much that I am seriously considering getting at least Sailor Uranus to keep her company. I also could not resist to make a picture with my Pullip Sailor Neptune and can only emphasize that I love these babies so much! If you like the look of Funko! Pop figures, definitely give your favourite scout a twirl! πŸ˜‰

Do you collect Funko! Pop figures? Do you own or would like to own any of their Sailor Moon releases?

Thank you so much for reading!


3 thoughts on “Funko Pop! Sailor Neptune”

  1. We have a few Funko Pops! Chewbacca, Tormund Giantsbane, Wonder Woman, Snoopy… they really all belong to my husband and daughters. My girls always see the Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter dolls and want them so much! Hopefully someday we can make their dreams come true!

    I love Sailor Neptune! You need to get her Sailor Uranus for company!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ahahaha, you hit a nerve there: I always feel so bad, when I only get Sailor Neptune without Uranus! >< But I agree, the Funko Uranus definitely has to move in soon! πŸ˜€ I am so happy that your girls love Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter so much, they are such amazing characters! πŸ™‚

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