Wig Haul #1: Leeke World & MIO

Pullip Elise with new wigWhen I started collecting Pullips, I was sure that I was never going to change them out of their stocks. Little did I know, how much fun lies in customizing and how much creativity is truly involved for a cute result. Today I want to show you the first wigs that I got for my Pullips. I got five wigs from Korean retailer Leeke World and one from Groove’s own MIO line. All Leeke World wigs in this post are in the size 8-9 inches!

Groove MIO 003

MIO wig 003wig from backLet’s start with Groove’s MIO wig 003, which is a reddish brown with big curly ends and a braid on the right side. As soon as I wanted to put this wig on Elise (Pullip Classical Alice), the braid got stuck on the velcro and totally frizzed out. There was not much I could do than to get rid of the braid altogether. There were also some loose threads from the wig cap in the very middle, where her hair parts in the front. It also sheds a lot, which is not a big deal, since it is very full. In my pictures, you see that it has two big curls in the back, which have a nice feel to them. They also look nice brushed out.

Leeke World Baby Blue

Baby Blue Leeke wigwig from backlength of the wigThis Baby Blue wig from Leeke World is probably one of my favorite wig colors ever! It has the prettiest pastel color, even though it is called baby blue, I would say it is way more pastel and lilac toned. I love it a lot! It has a side part, is wavy all around and floor length on a Pullip. It is so full and thick that Soraya (Pullip Marie) almost feels like a plushy, when I pick her up! πŸ˜€

Leeke World LR-142_E in Lavender Rose

Leeke wig in lavender rosewig from the backLeeke lavender wigLavender Rose is a beautiful color and it helped me to completely transform Luise (Pullip Lupinus). I chose style LR-142_E, since it is comes in two pieces. The main part is a super cute short bob with long sideswept bangs in the front. This is the style, I prefer for my Lu. Additionally it also comes with a long clip-on ponytail.

Leeke World Forest

bangs of Leeke Forest wigback of forest wigLeeke Forest wigThis wig in Forest is two-toned with mostly dark emerald green bangs in the front and mostly long dark brown hair in the back with dark emerald green tips at the ends. The style in general is pretty adorable on Hattie (Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint): There are only a few bangs in the front, which do not cover the whole forehead and the long straight hair in the back is fuller at the top than on the bottom.

Leeke World LR-146_E in Choco Brown

Leeke wig in Choco BrownLeeke choco brown backLeeke wig Choco brown bangsLR-146_E in Choco Brown looks so cute and elegant on my Natalia (Pullip Blanche)! The color is pretty much what you expect from its name. Simply beautiful and shiny! On Pullip the bangs do not cover the whole forehead and they are cut straight. The rest of the wig goes all down her back to her knee caps. I would not call it super full, but it feels nice and thick. I also like that it curls forward at the ends. It also came with a black ribbon that was tied at the top at the back of the wig, but I it was easy removeable and out of nice quality.

Leeke World W038_E in Natural Black

Leeke wig in natural blackLeeke in natural black from backLeeke natural black bangsThis wig is not for every doll. I tried it on several Pullips, but for W038_E you need to really love your doll’s eyebrows, since its baby bangs will not cover them. The bangs are not only just covering the half of Pullip’s forehead, but are also cut in layers. Thanks to Mayu‘s beautiful and flawless face, she is pulling it off like a champion! πŸ˜€ The back of the wig is about hip length, wavy and cut in layers as well. The back feels so nice and full! When talking about thickness, the wavy wigs are my favorite! It came with two very cheep feeling bows on each side that I removed.

In conclusion, I can absolutely say that I prefer the wigs from Leeke World! In comparison to MIO wigs, who are basically the same prize, there is just a big gap, when it comes to the look and the feel of the wigs. I have already pre-ordered two wigs from them and cannot wait for them to arrive!

Who are your favorite doll wig suppliers? Are you also hooked on wigs and could look at them for hours and hours?!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Wig Haul #1: Leeke World & MIO”

  1. Thank you for your detailed review! I’ve gotten a few wigs from Leekeworld. I love the quality so much!

    Will you get more for you MIO kits?

    1. The quality of these wigs is so amazing! πŸ˜€ If you had told me months ago that I would get this excited for tiny beautiful balls of hair, I am not totally sure, if I had believed you! πŸ˜‰

      I am already browsing now and then on their site for my MIO kits! I might use the ones, I pre-ordered for October, if I keep going with my initial concept, but any excuse to order from Leeke is fine for me! πŸ˜‰

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