My Dolly Week#69: Tweeting & Dolly-ing!

Welcome to another My Dolly Week; I hope that all of you are well and are also having lots of fun! Last week I threw myself into new endeavors and am still learning, which is always a good thing. Honestly, I hope that I will never get tired of learning new things ever!

My summery flower girls Ruri & Mayu!After ignoring Twitter for over a year because I never bothered to completely learn all of its features or how to properly communicate, I started it up again with the intention of being more personal in between the announcements of new posts and dolly pictures. I am still a bit shy and embarassed, but I hope that you like a sprinkle of Kpop and like to know, which films I am watching. 😉 And, the thing I am most nervous about, is that I want to post my dolly pics with Japanese captions, since I noticed way more Japanese dolly fans on Twitter than on Instagram. Please check out my account, I would love to see you over there!

Ruri in her beach wear!Ruri’s picture above makes me so happy because she is just so cute, but it also makes me a little sad because I don’t feel confident enough about taking my dolls outside to take pictures. I had actually found a really pretty location, but my dolls (and me) got judged harshly and so I stopped that mission. Maybe I will resume in Japan, but I am still insecure from this incident. One day, I want to just follow my heart no matter, what anybody says and be super confident. I am working on it!

Rise in her unicorn doggy shirt and doggy hat!Rise & Hime sleeping and wearing their shirts!On a brighter note, I have the cutest dolly fashion to share with you! Little Miercoles is one of my favourite stores on Etsy because the owner is not just a wonderful seamstress, but also draws the cutest motives and incorporates them into her designs. I recently bought two t-shirts from her, one featuring a mermaid kitten and the other one a unicorn pug, which she drew after her own doggy. I love these shirts so much, they are definitely new favourites!

Mayu and Hime, both in kitty inspired clothes!Mayu in her kitty dress!It should be no surprise (anymore to anyone reading this blog) that I am thinking a lot about dolls during my day, but I probably do most of my planning before I fall asleep. Now guess, when I had the idea to try some turquoise hair on my Mayu?! XD She is still wearing her birthday outfit by Suki Dolls, which is matching her eyeshadow and little Hime’s shirt perfectly!

With Groove announcing a lot of new releases in the last weeks, the company is now on its well deserved holiday and therefore there are no news about Pullip and her family.

【ネオブライス『クリームチーズ&ジャム』イラストの発表です♡】 ♪美味しいスウィーツを召し上がれ♪ 公式サイト【News】にて、2018年10月発売予定のネオブライス『クリームチーズ&ジャム』のイラストが発表されました! 最終仕様の発表まで、今しばらくお待ちくださいね! ※ご予約方法のお知らせは最終仕様の画像発表後となります。 #ブライス #ジュニームーン大阪#クリームチーズアンドジャム

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But this also allowed me to get back into the loop of Blythe releases and I got to know about Neo-Blythe Cream Cheese and Jam, arriving in stores in October. She is a lolita girl and her stock looks amazing. It is not the faux baroque lolita look, but a (in my opinion) cuter style with a print dress, cape and beret. I also love her mint hair, which should not be surprising, since I also fell for Ufo A Go-Go! 😉

In the land of Smart Dolls, there has been a very exciting announcement, which is going to open the doll company to a whole new base of dolly fans and consumers. Basically, there is going to be a cheaper range of Smart Dolls out of asaplex (a type of plastic), instead of vinyl. The working title so far is ‘Smart Doll Cortex’, but you can read more about it from Danny Choo himself here on his Instagram account. He has also been extremely generous to fans by sharing the patterns of official Smart Doll clothing. Click here to download them!

This is it from me now! 🙂 Now I am interested in your opinions: Are you afraid to take your dolls out into the wild for photographs? Which type of lolita doll clothes do you prefer? And what do you think about the new Smart Doll business model?

Thank you so much for reading!


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