Doll Company Blogs for Beginners | Dollspiration #3

So you have just started getting into the doll hobby, but everything is confusing and you are not completely sure, where everybody is taking their infos from and always seem better informed than you?! Look no further: Your girl is going to list all of her favorite doll company blogs, so that you can start bookmarking and plan your next purchases!

Pullip, Taeyang, Dal & Isul

You probably know me and this blog through my love for Pullip dolls, which also the majority of my content is about. Pullip and her fellow family dolls are a Japanese and Korean co-product by Groove Inc. in Japan and AGA in Korea. Their best source of information for fans is Groove’s blog in Japanese.

Click here for Groove Inc.’s blog!

Smart Doll

Following Smart Doll news is super easy thanks to Danny Choo and his affinity to social media, especially Instagram. He shares everything from prototypes to events, sales and release dates. The cherry on top are the free Smart Doll clothing patterns, which you will find on Smart Doll’s official website.

Click here for Danny Choo’s Instagram and here for his Twitter: I really enjoy how active the Smart Doll fandom is on Twitter!

If you are interested in making clothes for your Smart Doll yourself, you can use the official hooded cardigan, school girl uniform, non lace leggings and more t-shirt and trouser apparel patterns.

FairyLand/Cerberus Project

Like pretty much the rest of the world, I am obsessed with MiniFΓ©e bjds by FairyLand and all it took me, was one girl I got second-hand, who is now voicing demand for her sisters each and every day. (I’m on it, but that’s not the point here.)

FairyLand has four events for each season each year, which is when they release new sculpts and full sets of their dolls in limited quantities. Now here is the coolest thing ever: If you reach or surpass a certain amount with one of your orders during that period of time, you can qualify for special event heads. This summer’s event, we are talking about a MiniFΓ©e (1:4 scale) and a Feeple (1:3 scale) head.

You will find FairyLand’s official store here and a friend was so kind to share their company blog with me!

Azone International

Azone International has been producing dolls for 29 years and is going so strong, they have several doll and doll accessory releases per month in various scales with lots of limited editions.

They do have a blog, but I often prefer their Twitter to get a clear overview of their upcoming releases. Also, always try to remember to check, if their release is limited to one of their stores, since they like to do special dolls for anniversaries of their openings.


Blythe’s popularity is no joke – and in Japan this popularity translates into stand-alone stores, called Junie Moon. Not only do they sell dolls, but they also specialize in accessories for dolls and humans. I have been to the Junie Moon stores in Shinjuku, Daikanyama and Osaka and have to say that they are so much fun! You don’t even have to particularly be a fan of Blythe, any doll fan would enjoy a visit!

Junie Moon also has an amazing online presence with a regularly updated blog in English. Furthermore the staff of each store is always updating their Instagram which is extra awesome, since they also sell handmade items by artists like Petite Kachu from time to time!

Check out the stores’ individual Instagram pages: Osaka, Shinjuku and Daikanyama.

Volks, Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream

I have to admit that I am super new to Dollfie and that I am still a bit confused about their different doll lines. They revolutionized the bjd hobby way back and their most popular dolls are made out of vinyl. My favourite site to check up on their releases is Volks USA, who also have a very nice page regarding the new Dollfie Icons.

Click here for Volks USA and be prepared that as soon as they are announcing their interpretation of Sailor Neptune, I will not sleep until I secure mine!

Charon Dolls

Exciting news: My friend Charon has created her own doll and we got a first glimpse of the cutie in her newsletter and on her blog. We are talking about a resin head on an Obitsu body and the first design, which will be released soon, will be limited to a quantity of ten dolls.

Click here to stay in the loop with Charon’s releases!

Also: If you have any awesome doll company blogs, which you would like to share with me, please do so in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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