My Dolly Week #76: Ch-Ch-Changes!

Hello and welcome to another dolly week! It is also the beginning of a very exciting September, which is going to be so much fun!

I was trying to get some video and blog ideas in order last week, which had been on my mind for a while. These ideas include:

  • Reviewing my Meow Meow A La Mode Sahra, while introducing Azone’s Pure Neemo dolls in general.
  • An introduction to MiniFΓ©e, starring my Shushu.
  • Editing all of my dolly footage from Japan into one long, informative video.
  • New Pullip outfits; although it is kind of hard for me to decide on a theme just yet, since it will be the first video of its kind in 2019 and I have accumulated quite a bit.
  • A collective Sailor Moon haul with all the trinkets I got in the last 1,5 years.
  • Cleaning up my Pullip Miku LOL, which I got second hand and whose wig and face need a good scrub.
  • Pullip Hinaichigo‘s, as well as Akoya‘s and Bloody Red Hood‘s reviews. (There are some more, but we have to start somewhere.)
  • Customizing Pullip Classical White Rabbit. My girl needs a fancier style.
  • The start of my Pullip collection series, in which I want to share 5 girls per video to not make the task too long or overwhelming.
  • My PokΓ©mon Center plush collection, which is scattered around my and my parents’ place – but too cute to not make a video about!

My quest also included lots of dusting and re-arranging, which did not spare the area above my desk. My shelf now sports all the different types of dolls I own and like: I really enjoy the side-by-side size comparison and gosh, I believe that SD is truly the biggest size I can handle! Mei is so much taller than the rest!

Tomorrow is my husband’s and my second wedding anniversary, which is crazy! Time just flew by, but this year, we will be celebrating various happy occasions in a very happy place with very special people. This is all I can say for now, but I will share everything in time!

Community-wise, I am super pleased that Groove/AGA finally confirmed that Pullip Momori is a collaboration with doll artists Mikiyochii and Nenelle et Lalluli! I don’t know, why the announcement took such a long time, but I am happy for both creators, whose works I am lucky enough to cherish in my home!

Did your start into the new month go smoothly? Autumn may be my favourite season, but I have also had a super nice summer. It is hard to describe my feelings at the moment, but change is a good thing – especially since I cannot stand the feeling of not moving forward the most!

If you are having any video – or blog post requests, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!


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