A Short Introduction to My Newest Sweethearts!

As promised, I am eager to show you the new girls that moved in with me during the last months. They are all going to get their own posts, but I cannot wait any longer to properly introduce them to you!

Hime, my newest girl by Poison Girl!

Custom Pullip Hime by Poison Girl’s Dolls

What can be dreamier than a Disney Princess by Poison Girl?! Needless to say that this girl makes me feel like walking on clouds: My Rapunzel’s actual name is Hime! MarΓ­a was so kind to create my personal lilac princess, which I was so happy about that I literally wanted to call her Hime or ‘princess’. Pascal definitely approves of my version of Rapunzel, who is not only one of my favourite Disney princesses, but one of my favourite Disney characters in general! Thank you so much, my dear!

Custom Pullip Ponyo by Eniva Queen

My sweet Ponyo by Eniva Queen!Eniva Queen is an amazing Pullip artist from Russia, who has just gained even more recognition by winning the special prize at Groove’s Custom Contest. I was lucky enough to score one of her face ups (including the eyechips as well) on Etsy and just look at how beautiful my girl has turned out! I love the various tones of red, which made me name her ‘Ponyo’ after Ghibli’s cute goldfish girl!

Pullip Cinnamoroll

Pullip Cinnamoroll, my Shiro!Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary has been honoured by Groove with this amazingly cute release! Everything about this doll works! Trust me, every detail is nicely thought out and she is so kawaii, I could die! I call my Cinnamoroll Shiro, which means ‘white’ in Japanese. She just looks so crisp and pure to me!

Pullip Himawari

Pullip Himawari, my little Mikan!Pullip Himawari is warming my heart! Her face reminds me of sweet marmalade and her smile is everything that I could ever want in a cutie themed Pullip doll! She is a pure summer girl and I am not only impressed by herself, but also love all the stock she comes with. I was stuck between either naming her Nami or Mikan (Japanese for ‘tangerine’) because I am a big fan of ‘One Piece’. In the end, Mikan won because it is a tad bit cuter and I feel it matches her sweet soul a little bit more!

Pullip Tiphona

Pullip Tiphona, my Penelope!Tiphona is an absolute Pullip classic. She has been around since 2010 and is still crazily popular, which is not that crazy, when you get aware of her uniqueness, potential and beauty! My favourite is her eccentric kitten flick eyeliner, which I don’t get tired of staring at! I called my sweetheart Penelope because she seems like a more serious girl to me, after all she had the determination to draw on that perfect make up!

Smart Doll Melody

Smart Doll Melody, my Mei!I was super excited to get my first Smart Doll, even though it made me a bit nervous too, since the rest of my dolls so far are on a scale of 1:6, while Smart Dolls are twice as tall with a height of 60 cm. Melody was released last December and it was love at first sight, resulting in months of constantly talking about her. Now my Mei is home and completely rocked my dolly world because it makes a big difference photography-wise and I still have a lot to learn!

Please give a warm welcome to my cuties and I hope that you are looking forward to see a lot more of their sweet faces!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “A Short Introduction to My Newest Sweethearts!”

  1. Ahh, congrats on all the sweetness! I’m still on the fence with Himawari, can’t quite make up my mind about her. Instead, I’ve been dreaming of getting my first custom Pullip, but it seems to be a bit difficult to get hold of one.

    It’ll be really interesting to see how your new (stock) girls will be when you’ve played around with them!

    1. Hi Selina!

      I am super sorry for this late reply. I was having major writer’s block!
      Custom Pullips are so intimidating; especially when you are just looking into getting them. I was so nervous and anxious about communicating with artists at first, but most of them are just extremely nice people that love dolls as much as we do and do not mind answering your questions!
      I also always get a ‘What is meant to be, is meant to be’-vibe: Sometimes there is this perfect girl readily available with your funds matching her price and everything else falls into place!

      You will see, I promise! πŸ™‚

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