My Dolly Week #67: Summer Holiday Edition!

I fell down this summer’s extremely hot rabbit hole. Right now, as all of Europe and so many other parts of the world are suffering from the heat, I got lazy and could not stand sitting in front of the computer. But good news: As it turns out, my fan was hidden behind some boxes with Christmas stuff and I need to share so many novelties with you that I cannot wait!

My cutest Ruri on vacation!Ruri-chan has helped me a lot to get out of my summer funk and to enjoy my staycation with dressing up in summery clothes and enjoying frozen treats. While I prefer frozen grapes nowadays, Ruri loves kawaii parfaits to stay cool!

Minnie is so pretty in mint and pink!Minnie has had a wonderful makeover by her creator Charon herself, which I am so thankful for: Just look at that cute button nose and perfect eyebrows! Not completely seasonal, but equally phenomenal, is her helmet by Dr. Rabbitland. I had always seen these type of cute helmets that I never could get a hold of and suddenly the fluffiest white hat ever came along! Is it weird that I kind of want to give it a name?!

Rosalind is a true Gryffindor!Ginny going 'Hime Deco'!Finding Pullip Princess Rosalind was such a surprise for me, since I had not gotten hold of a sold out Pullip in forever. Even though her stock outfit is so over the top that I imagine that the designers never heard of ‘more is less’ in their lives and just kept piling on accessories on this poor girl, the doll herself is simply exquisite! Rosalind has lashes for days and her make up matches the colours of Gryffindor, which is why Ginny Weasley (from Mattel’s current line of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ dolls) was happy to swap outfits for a hot minute!

☆푸리프 커스텀돌 경매 ☆패션 인형 푸리프 15주년 기념 전시☆ ★밤하늘의 꿈★ . 2018년 4월 부터 6월까지 2달간 일본 요코하마 인형의집에서 개최되었던 ☆패션 인형 푸리프 15주년 기념 전시☆ ★밤하늘의 꿈★ . 전세계에서 푸리프를 사랑하는 팬분들이 참가한 푸리프 커스텀돌 전시도 함께 있었답니다. 푸리프 커스텀돌의 대회 종료후에 경매를 실시하여 입찰에 참가하신 분에게 전세계에서 하나뿐인 자신만의 푸리프 커스텀돌을 얻을 수 있는 기회가 주어지는데요. . 드이어 기다리시던 푸리프 커스텀돌의 경매가 시작되었습니다. 이베이 경매 링크 에서 (exhibited at Pullip)를 검색해주세요. . 자세한 사항은 푸리프 공식 블로그를 참고해주세요. . ☆Pullip Custom Doll Auction ☆ . ☆ Fashion doll puppy 15th anniversary exhibition ☆ was held at the Yokohama Doll House from April to June 2018 in Japan. . The auction of Pullip Custom Doll has been started. eBay auction link : Please enter (exhibited at Pullip). . For more details, please refer to the official blog of Pullip. . #커스텀돌 #인형경매 #돌커스텀 #이베이 #푸리프 #풀잎인형 #풀잎돌 #인형 #인형놀이 #패션인형 #인형스타그램 #돌스타그램 #관절인형 #인형선물 #AGA #Pullip #pullipdoll #agadoll #doll #dolls #dollstagram #pullipstargram #pullipgram #プーリップ #ドール #ドールスタグラム #人形 #普利普 #пуллип

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Now onto what is new on the Pullip front: Until Thursday at 3 AM in the morning, you still have the possibility to bid for a selection of the custom dolls from Groove’s recent anniversary contest. The proceeds will go to charity!

라뒤레 라듀레 LADUREE 푸리프 인형 전시정보 . 프랑스 파리의 전통 제과점으로 세계 최고의 마카롱 전문점이라 불리는 [ 라뒤레 라듀레 LADUREE ] 의 티브랜드 [ 테 by 라듀레 ], 선물브랜드 [ 스쿠레 by 라듀레 ] 의 일본 도쿄의 신작 전시에 다녀왔어요. . 마치 보석상자 속에 들어온듯한 사랑스럽고 아름다운 상점! . 스쿠레 by 라뒤레의 신작 컬렉션을 만나게 되네요. 테 by 라뒤레의 티컬렉션은 세계적으로 사랑받는 인기 브랜드랍니다. 러블리한 색감과 다양한 디자인의 패키지도 정말 매력적이예요. 파스텔톤의 귀여운 마카롱 프린트의 앞치마를 입은 라뒤레 파티쉐의 버전의 푸리프가 있네요. 푸리프 사이즈에 맞게 제작된 미니어쳐 버전의 라뒤레 쇼핑백도 정말 귀여워요. . 이렇게 멋진 골동품 잡화점에서 손님을 만날 수 있게 되어서 정말 기쁜 푸리프예요. 라뒤레 파티쉐 버전의 푸리프는 7월 27일 이날 단하루만 도쿄의 메구로 거리에 위치한 프랑스풍 골동품 잡화점 [ 마무르 M'amour ] 에서 전시되었답니다. . We went to France Paris traditional bakery LADUREE's tea brand [Tea by LADUREE], and gift brand [Sucré by Ladurée]'s new product exhibition called world's leading macaroon specialty store in Tokyo. . What a lovely and beautiful shop, as if it were in a jewelry box! . We'll meet the new collection of Sucré by Ladurée. Tea by Ladurée 's tea collection is a globally beloved popular brand. Their lovely colors and various design packages are also very attractive. There's a version of Pullip Ladurée patisser in an apron with a cute pastel macaroon print. The miniature version of the Ladurée shopping bag, tailored to the size of the pullip is also really cute. . Pullip is very happy to see customers at this fancy antique store. Ladurée patisser version of Pullip was displayed at a France-style antique grocery store in Tokyo [M'amour] only on the July 27th. . #라듀레 #라뒤레 #Laduree #macaroon #마카롱 #푸리프 #풀잎인형 #풀잎돌 #인형 #인형놀이 #패션인형 #인형스타그램 #돌스타그램 #육일돌 #인형선물 #AGA #Pullip #pullipdoll #agadoll #doll #dolls #dollstagram #pullipstargram #pullipgram #プーリップ #ドール #ドールスタグラム #人形 #普利普 #пуллип

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There was also a mini promotion going on between Groove and Ladurée, the Parisian patisserie famous for macarons and uber popular in Japan with exclusive merchandise, including make up. The collaboration featured a blonde Pullip in a Ladurée baker’s uniform. She is super cute and reminds me a lot of a mixture of Pullip Ha-Ha and Pullip Eileen with maybe a sprinkle of Pullip Dahlia Cinderella. We still have to wait for further information, if she is going to be a regular release, but it seems highly likely, judging from the unveiling from past releases in actual stores like for example Pullips Shion, Kagezakura and Himawari.

♡달 인형 신상품♡ 세련된 교복차림의 비글미 깨발랄 마뉴엘 등장 Dal Manuel . 안녕하세요. 푸리프 팬여러분, 긍정의 아이콘 푸리프예요 . 2018년 10월 신상품 . 비글미 넘치는 깨발랄 소녀 럭셔리한 느낌의 귀엽고 스타일리쉬한 교복을 즐길 수 있는 신상품 등장! . ☆♡ 달 Dal / 마뉴엘 Manuel ♡☆ D-168 달 '마뉴엘' . "오늘 테스트는 10점! 교복 코디는 100점! 합쳐서 110점이라규~" . 세련된 s컬 트윈테일 헤어스타일이 인상적인 마뉴엘! 학교 아이돌같은 귀여움이 넘치는 달이예요 . 블루와 로얄 옐로우 스트라이프의 커다란 리본이 깜찍해요 . 헤어 리본, 리본 타이, 스커트는 달의 로고가 프린트된 특별한 디자인! . 다크 네이비 컬러의 자켓과 귀여운 병아리색의 조끼에는 달의 앰블럼이 와펜 포인트가 되어 있어서 매우 세련된 디자인의 유니폼이예요 . 갈색의 커다란 눈동자, 긴 속눈썹, 단정한 눈썹은 달에게 정말 잘어울리는 소녀의 귀여움을 담고 있어요 . 어떤 옷을 입어도 소화가 가능할것 같은 분위기가 매력적이예요 . 파스텔 핑크 옐로우 색감의 보송보송 원단으로 만들어진 배낭은 지퍼가 달려있어서 열고 닫고 할 수 있어요 . 민트 색상의 발랄한 느낌의 레깅스를 이용해서 다양한 코디를 즐길 수 있어요 . 가을 주말에는 어떻게? 비글미 귀요미 깨발랄 달 마뉴엘을 데리고 피크닉 가야겠죠? . #달돌 #푸리프달 #Dal #PullipDal #달마누엘 #DalManuel #푸리프 #풀잎인형 #풀잎돌 #인형 #인형놀이 #패션인형 #인형스타그램 #돌스타그램 #육일돌 #관절인형 #Pullip #AGA #doll #dolls #dollstagram #pullipstargram #pullipgram #pullipdoll #プーリップ #ドール #ドールスタグラム #人形 #普利普 #пуллип

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I completely almost forgot to write about Dal Manuel! I don’t own a Dal (yet), but Manuel has a really cute school concept that reminds me of Pullip Eloise’s stock. Honestly, please bring Pullip Eloise back – Manuel needs a sister! Also, is anybody else a little confused, why she is called Manuel and not Manuela, Emanuelle or anything more feminine?!

My birthday is coming up this Thursday and it is going to be the hottest day of the year so far – which honestly seems like a cruel joke to me, considering that I have to protect my girls from the sun. But other than that, I know that it will feel like: ‘One year older, but never tiring of dolls…’.

And in that sense: Thank you for reading and having somebody to share my passions with!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #67: Summer Holiday Edition!”

  1. Hi Theri!!!! I feel so bad that I haven’t commented in so long. I am too in the heat of summer and can’t even think of dolls. But I will slowly get back into it!

    Your posts always give me so much joy! Both Ruri and Minnie look like they are enjoying the summer! And I love the clothes swap between Hermione and Rosalind!!! So cute and funny!

    I haven’t bought a doll in a while, and I didn’t even make it to the Azone store or (gasp!) the Pullip doll exhibition when I was in Japan. But I did manage to go to the Omocha Crush get together a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully someday we will see each other at a dolly get together!!!

    And….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! だんじょう日おめでとう🎊🎈🎉🎈

    1. Hi Mari!

      I am so happy to hear from you again and that you are well! I know, right: Summer is so easy to get completely carried away from your usual hobbies!

      Thank you so much for sticking around and enjoying my posts, it means so much to me and makes it all worth it! 😀

      Yeeees, I so do hope that we can get together one day and talk about our dolls! Your Japan trip looked so amazing and fun, I am not surprised that you did not make it to the Pullip places, but there will always be a next time! (That is also my mantra, when I want to buy all the dolls, btw… XD)

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! I am going to be 28 tomorrow and cannot believe, how fast every year just seems to fly by!

      I hope that you have a nice summer and that the whole continent will cool off soon, so that we can properly enjoy it!

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