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Pullip Laura on a chair, which came with Pullip Myra!A lot of people worked on Pullip Laura to make an amazing Pullip release in 2015! Photographer Pure Embers, whose legal name is Laura, is behind Laura’s whole design. Laura is her vision. Her face-up was inspired by Pullip Seila and made by the same artist mitsubachi@BabyBee! Her outfit was made by Momolita and doll magazine Dolly Japan collaborated with the release as well, putting Pullip Laura on its cover.

Pullip Laura's eyechips.Laura’s eyechips are very tone-setting for her whole face-up. Before she was released, Groove announced that they were made with a new glazing technique, which is supposed to make them more realistic. They have a dark golden color with a subtle purple sheen to them.

Update: When you remove Laura’s stock eyechips, you will poke through a layer of paper, which has her eye color printed on. So be fully aware that the original chips are not re-usable (only the textured plastic top remains).

Pullip Laura's Face-Up!As mentioned, Laura’s face-up is inspired by Pullip Seila. That’s why those two share the same pale and sad looking eyebrows. There is the only exception that Seila comes with a wig with bangs, while Laura’s brows are out in the wild and do not conceil her stern expression. Her eyes are rimmed with black eyeliner going all around the eyes with an upwards flick at the outer corners. She also has black eyeliner on her upper waterline and pinkish orange liner on her lower waterline. There is white eyeliner on the lowerlashline and in the crease. She has no drawn-on lashes on her upper lid, but many tiny dark brown ones (and even some white ones) on her lower lid, which are also shaded in a greyish brown. The same shading is also used on her upper lid.

Pullip Laura's eyelids.Her blush is a nice coral, which she is wearing under the apples of her cheeks and under her chin. Laura’s lip color is very interesting. It is super pale with a purplish nude color, which is super glossy. She is such a pretty girl! Her eyelids have a sparkly olive green color with black liner.

Pullip Laura's wig.Pullip Laura's bangs.Pullip Laura's wig.I am quite on the fence, when it comes to her wig. I absolutely appreciate the creative style and thoughts behind it, but for some reason it does not seem right in my own personal collection. It starts with the colors, a lovely black with streaks of dark red, which I would have prefered in a single color. Laura’s long sideswept bangs in the front are fine and there is only a little bit of the wig cap showing. The back is an updo out of two long braids, which are intertwined and fastened into a bun by several pieces of black thread. Be super careful with the braids, since they tend to frizz pretty easily and putting loose hairs into place will probably result in an even bigger mess.

Pullip Laura's outfit.Pullip Laura's back.Pullip Laura's gloves.Pullip Laura's sleeves.Laura’s stock is amazing! She is supposed to be a ring leader in a gothic circus, which her outfit reflects. The main piece of her outfit is her fitted black and white corset, which has a row of metallic dark red beads going down in the middle and black plush all around the hemline. The short puff sleeves are out of pleather strings and sport a golden tassel on one side each. Two pleather straps, attached by brass studs, connect the corset to the black and white striped ruffly choker, which is lined by dark red fabric. It closes with a press stud in the front, where it also has a dark red bow. The back of the corset is equally as interesting. It closes in the back with velcro, but you could also go into the trouble of literally corseting it. Then there is also this big black swallow tail attached to its back out of black satin. It has four rows out of black and shiny metallic lace sewn on to its top. The same lace is used on top of her black satin panties, which she is wearing under her short skirt out of three layers of dark red velvet with metallic golden green lace going around at the ends. You fasten it in the front with a hook and there are also four garters out of black ribbon with hooks at the ends attached to it, which are fastened at the very top of her stockings. Her stockings are also black and white striped with black lace on top and she is wearing thin black gloves as well.

Update: I forgot to mention that Laura comes fully covered in plastic, which means that her stock is probably prone to staining the doll. I have not colorfasted any parts of her stock because of all those different materials.

Pullip Laura's boots.Those black leather boots of hers are one of my favorite pair of stock shoes. They are heeled lace-up booties with bows in the front and hearts at the ends of the laces. They are amazing!

Pullip Laura says bye!All in all, Laura is a beautiful Pullip release with lots of high quality stock. Due to my love for mitsubachi@BabyBee collaborations, I could not miss out on her and can only recommend to take a closer look!

What are your impressions on Pullip Laura? Would you consider adding her to your collection?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Laura”

  1. I’ve never seen the back of Laura’s head! I had no idea she had braids. I’ve always loved her look. So glad you added to your mitsubachi@Babybee collection!

    1. I also discovered her braids, when I was doing more research. And let me tell you: They are SO heavy that she is always on the brink of falling backwards. When I rewigged her, a part of the glue was already loose from her head due to them being so heavy. >< But mitsubashi@BabyBee has done it again with her face-up: She is such a sweet soul! πŸ˜€

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