My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love

Pullip Alura in Sailor Moon gear!I am a completionist. It is one of my biggest issues, when it comes to collecting. Oftentimes, when I am getting a certain doll, I immediately need to know, if there was another release in direct correlation to my new addition. This absolutely happened, when I first got Pullip Alura (review coming soon), a Creator’s Label release from 2015 with a face-up by the amazing mitsubashi@BabyBee. I started to read up more about her and found out about the prior Pullips she has worked on (there are more Creator’s Label Groove family dolls, but right now I am really trying not to think about them; Taeyang Natsume is so dreamy and so hard to find). My next cutie was My Melody X HEN-NAKO from 2016. I overlooked her at first and fell in love with her in person in Japan and am so happy that I was able to order her shortly thereafter because she disappeared from the shelves since then. Equally lucky were my finds of Kühn (review coming soon) from 2013 and Seila from 2012. Galene, one of the most beautiful Pullips ever in my eyes, also from 2012, followed my family thanks to Ebay. And Laura from 2015 is still available and completed my mini-collection some weeks ago.

All of my mitsubashi@BabyBee Pullips!My customized Pullip Laura!I was itching to take a group shot of my beauties for so long, but I had to get Laura a different wig first. She is so beautiful, but I was always feeling a little bit unsure about her look. After I customized her, I can finally present you my cuties (top to bottom, left to right): Elodie Day (My Melody X HEN-NAKO), Tsukimi (Alura), Katie (Kühn), Wednesday (Laura), Gigi (Seila) and Hanako (Galene). I love them all so much with their dark rimmed eyes and high kitten eyeliner flicks (with the exception of Hanako/Galene). It is also no secret that Alura and Laura are hommages to Seila, but the three other girls also have something in common: Juicy red lips, which make my heart sing! It should not come as a surprise that I hope that we will see some more collaborations with mitsubashi@BabyBee in the future!

Do you remember, when I shared a link last week from fashion label GOUK’s designer Takeshi Kunimoto?! I thought that the dolls he shared, were customized Pullip Karens to test out the outfits…and turns out I was absolutely, super duper wrong! Last week we got a closer look at both dolls.

Pullip Kagezakura & ShionShion's FaceupKagezakura's FaceupPullip Kagezakura is the girl in the red outfit, while Pullip Shion is the doll in the purple dress. Although it is too early to form a proper opinion, I really like their face-ups, since we saw more detailed pictures. While I am not completely sold on their wigs and not at all on their eyechips, my new found love for customizing is itching like crazy. Very exciting to me is that Shion’s make-up has some lovely shades of purple, which reminds me of Pullip Dilettante. Kagezakura and Shion will be released in November.

Sherry Victorian is the name of the latest upcoming Blythe, whose illustrations have just been announced a few days ago. She is wearing a mixture of Victorian and Steampunk fashion, which is completely up my alley and I cannot wait for more pictures and information to come out. She will be released in October.

I have no idea, what next week is going to be like, since we’ll have our second big wedding planning appointment and I am mighty nervous, but I would be really grateful, if we could meet each other next week again, same time and place! 🙂

Who is your favorite mitsubashi@BabyBee doll? Are you excited by any of the new releases? Are you planning on adding somebody to your family?

Thank you so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love”

  1. You know I love the mitsubashi@BabyBee dolls! They are my favorite Pullips. Especially the ones with the red lips!!!!

    The Pullips I am waiting for the most are the Revolutionary Girl Utena ones. I really hope they do justice to the series!

    It’s so fun to finally get regular doll releases again! I love seeing all the new Blythes and I have to resist to get them all!!!

    Your wedding is soon, right? Have fun and please post photos of your honeymoon!!!!!

    1. Wouldn’t you love some more red-lipped mitsubachi Pullips? 😀 She is so amazing, I bet their concept would be beyond perfect!

      I so do hope that you will like the Utena Pullips! I have yet to check out the series, but basically everybody recommends it. So I am looking forward to it; I watched all the Rozen Maiden series thanks to Groove and had a good time! XD

      Dolly resisting is really getting to me. I am supposed to save for Japan because I know that I will want to buy everything there! >< Yes, my wedding is in less than two weeks. I am super nervous, but for the honeymoon I am going to do a diary on my instagram. 🙂 Guess, who my inspiration was?! 😉

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