Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Galene

Pullip Creator's Label Galene
Pullip Creator’s Label Galene is a creation from mitsubachi@BabyBee and Silver Butterfly.

Pullip Galene is a Creator’s Label release from 2012. Mitsubachi@BabyBee created her face-up and Silver Butterfly her stock-outfit. The meaning behing her name is galena/blue lead, which explains the soft colors of Galene’s overall look. Out of all the Pullip that were sold-out, when I finally started collecting, Galene initially wandered on top of my list of grails. I missed out on her at least a few times, when I finally saw that the price of a listing on ebay had been significantly reduced. And this is how a brand-new Pullip Galene found her way into my collection.

Galene is not a flashy girl. She has a subdued floral theme that revolves around grey, the lightest pastel lilac, dark green, white and cream tones.

Pullip Galene's face-up and make-up.
Pullip Galene’s face-up and make-up.

This color-palette was the perfect face for her lovely face-up that makes her a favorite of mine: Her eyes are very captivating with those dark greyish green eyechips that correlate wonderfully with the mauve-colored eyeliner on her lower waterline. Her upper waterline is black and blends into the black eyeliner on her upper lashline that is drawn downwards at the outer corners. Under the lower lashline there is black eyeliner, followed by white eyeliner and tiny drawn-on lashes in various brown tones. The rest of Galene’s upper lid, all the way to her brows, is shaded in a subtle grass green. Her crease is emphasized by black and white eyeliner and there is also a little bit of brown shadow along the outer corners of her eyes. The brows themselves are so detailed that you can basically see every brow hair on its own. They are fuller in the middle and get lighter towards the ends. Their overall color is middle brown. Galene has dark brown lashes.

Pullip Galene's dark green eyechips.
Pullip Galene’s dark green eyelids.

It took me some time to figure out the color of her eyelids because at first I just flat out thought that they were a matte black. They are not, they are a very dark matte green with matte black liner. It is such an amazing addition to Galene and shows an immense love for details. This love for details continues on Galene’s lips, which are full and glossy. The middle of the lower lip is a dark red, while the rest of her lips are a glossy orangy nude color. To round up her make-up, she wears the lightest rosy blush on her cheeks, at the outer corners of her chin and in the inner corners of her eyes.

Pullip Galene's long curls and train.
Galene’s long curls and train.

The color of her wig is dark grey. Quite an unusual color on itself, the style is still something worth discussing about. In the front Galene has sideswept bangs that frame her wonderful face-up and she has three big curls in the back that go all the way down to her knees. Like all Pullip wigs with big curls, they tend to get frizzy and you definitely need to be careful with them. I also had to cut a loose thread from the wig cap that was having fun lurking on her forehead. In general I like how unique Galene’s wig is and think it complements her look really nice.

Pullip Galene's full outfit...and chair!
Galene’s full outfit…and chair!
Galene's train.
Galene’s train.

Galene’s outfit is a complex mix out of several pieces that belong to the world of high fashion. No wonder, she comes with her own chair out of white plastic. Everybody would need to rest once in a while, when carrying so much weight around! What makes her outfit stand out the most, is the removable train in the back that can be fastened to her shorts with two press studs. It is mainly out of greyish lilac cotton and many, many rows of ruffles with roughly cut-off edges. On top of those ruffles is a big layer of white tulle that covers the train entirely. At the top middle, where it can be attached to the shorts, there is cream-colored lace and a cream-colored flower out of a frayed cotton fabric.

Galene's shorts.
Galene’s shorts.

The shorts are out of the same greyish lilac cotton and they are no less ruffly. All in all there are two layers of ruffles and some thin white lace on each pant leg. They close in the back with velcro, where they also have a dark green ribbon sewn-on to them. This ribbon is so long that it reaches the bottom of Galene’s shoes.

Galene in all her wild details' glory!
Galene in all her details’ glory!

When looking at her neckholder-top, the highlights are the different kinds of beads and pearls in the middle of her bodice, which is out of the same material as the shorts. The white and grey beads and pearls are framed by and sewn on to white lace that continues on two straps to her neck, where the collar consists out of soft cream-colored cotton with frayed edges and sewn-on beads. It closes in the back with a press stud. At the bottom of the top, there is a narrow band out of white lace over a peplum out of cream cotton that reflect the collar. There is also white tulle with polka dots attached to it that conceals the upper part of her shorts. The tulle is only sewn to the front and does not go all the way around her body. The bodice of the top closes in the back with velcro.

Galene's jacket.
Galene’s jacket.

One thing I really love about Galene’s stock is her chic greyish lilac jacket out of cotton that is lined inside with peach fabric and fits her amazingly. There are three silver buttons on the right side and tiny details of cream-colored lace and a fake pocket on the left. Unfortunately the cream-colored lace that is attached to the train, managed to stain the back of the jacket in the five years that Galene spent in her box. I am trying not to be bothered to much by things that can naturally happen, but I still want to inform other collectors that are still considering getting her through the second-hand market.

Galene also comes with separate sleeves!
Galene wearing her loose sleeves!

For a softer look, you can exchange Galene’s jacket with separate tulle sleeves that she also comes with. They are mostly white and have cream lace on top and more white tulle ruffles at the bottom that are embellished with sequins.

Galene's bracelet.

On her left wrist, she is wearing a bracelet out of white ribbon that touches the floor and white lace. There are different, mostly sparkly white beads threaded on it with the exception of one bead that has a golden tone to it. To make Galene even more special, she is wearing rose pink colored polish on her finger nails.

Galene's flowery headband that perfects her look!
Galene’s flowery headband that perfects her look!

This rose color can be found at the very top of Galene’s complex structured headband. The main fabric that goes ruffly around her head, is greyish lilac cotton with white lace. You fasten it behind her neck with a band out of white lace and have to balance the big flower that is supposed to sit on the left side of her head. This big flower lies in between two cream-colored flowers that are made the same way like the flower in the middle of the train out of frayed cotton. The outer layer of the biggest flower is out of peachy cotton that is the same material as the lining of Galene’s jacket. It is followed by a layer out of greyish lilac cotton, before it transists into the typical material that fake flowers are made out of. It starts with petals in an orangey grey/beige tone and finally there is the tinier rose-colored flower in the middle. The inner life of this flower is out of orange plastic. There is also cream, beige and white colored lace hanging down to the side to emphasize Galene’s theme of blooming flowers in the wild.

Galene's socks, tassels and shoes!
Galene’s socks, tassels and shoes!

On her legs Galene is wearing white knee socks with cream lace at the top. They are out of cotton, which is a little bit too thick for her dark brown plastic heels. The heels are not out of amazing quality and hard to put on her feet. Furthermore they bend under Galene’s weight in the back. But at least there is another detail to draw attention away from her shoes: Ankle tassels that are fastened with a press stud and can be removed, if the look is not to your liking. I think that they are very cute and a great way to add some sparkle, where you would not expect it. They are cream-colored and embellished with a mixture out of white and silver beads. There is lace at the top and lots of loose threads to finish the look.

A dream for a dreamy girl!
A dream for a dreamy girl!

For me Pullip Galene is a true work of art and I could not be happier to have finally found and welcomed her to my collection. I would love to know what your grail dolls are! Or if you were already lucky enough to have found them!

Thank you so much for reading!



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