My Dolly Week #5

Pullip Alice du Jardin happily awaited spring!
Pullip Alice du Jardin happily awaited spring!

Another seven days have passed and it is time again for my weekly segment, where I like to ramble about dolly- and toy-related things. There were some quite interesting news this week, when Groove posted again about their Disney Cinderella collaboration and some online-stores started their pre-orders. Even though I am not eager to add her to my collection, this is great for collectors (Disney or Pullip) that want her. She will be out in Japan in April.

Aquamarine Alisa is my only Azone doll right now!
Azone Aquamarine Alisa (2016)!

There also was a Doll Show last weekend in Asakusa in Tokyo, where Azone International displayed quite a few novelties. I am very intrigued by the new Meow Meow a la Mode (Sahra, Maya) series, but I still have to contemplate, which characters to get. In general it is not that easy to order Azone dolls that are wildly popular even in Japan and there are not that many European retailers around. It kind of gets tiring, if you have to import every single doll. That is the reason, why I am still waiting.

Cheshy, Melody & Lupinus moved in after I saw them in person!
Cheshire Cat, My Melody HEN-NAKO & Lupinus moved in after I saw them in person!

Something exciting happened directly to me as well: My fiancΓ© and I will be visiting Japan again on our honeymoon. It will be amazing to see all those dollies in person again and this time I swear that I won’t be too shy to take pictures! Last year I did not get to visit Junie Moon, but this year I will definitely not miss this heaven for all Blythe-lovers.

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