My Limited Edition Pullip Doll Collection // Let’s Talk Grails 2.0 πŸ‘‘

Edit: Pullip Cinnamoroll is going to be available again in January! 😊 Yay! ❀

Even though all Pullips are kind of limited editions anyways, there are some girls, who have an extra limited release. Today I am going to show you, which limited edition Pullip girls I was able to add to my collection so far! 😍 Who is your favourite?

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My Dolly Week #48: Pullip Rides!

Minnie and her Barbie vespaA fresh Sunday, a fresh Dolly Week! This week allowed me to finally get back into taking pictures and to work more on my blog. Plus my 2017 review finally went up, which was a surprisingly difficult post to write. Probably because it’s hard to put a whole year in a nutshell and not to go too much into detail. That being said, 2018 has been a quite ambivalent ride so far. For 21 days a lot of strange and unpleasant things have happened in lieu with me getting over them, which marks this time as very important for my personal growth. And at the end of the day, I still can come back to my dolls and Komonogatari to enjoy the lightness of being!

One more portrait of Minnie!In my childhood I was a big Barbie fan and my collection in my parents’ house counts about 30 Barbie and Barbie family dolls. Barbie accessories for Pullips can be (as I had to bitterly learn) a hit and miss, but a clear hit is Minnie’s pink and yellow vespa, which has the perfect size! This week I managed only to do a portrait shot, since Minnie was always in danger of eating the floor, even though I had bought some fishing line and wire. Your girl simply does not know how to properly use them yet to at least visually defy gravity. There are so many adventures I want Minnie to go on, so I will work harder! Continue reading My Dolly Week #48: Pullip Rides!

My Dolly Week #16: My Dolls are S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

Ruri with a fluffy beret!Ruri in a fancy French inspired outfit!Welcome everybody! Last week I had a really good dolly week! I focused mainly on new outfits for my lovelies that I shared on my Instagram. It really helps me unwind to get somebody a new look and to combine different components of unused stock pieces. My most favorite photograph of last week is this one from Ruri. It was inspired by this lovely beret from It’s MY Caprice that really made my heart jump due to its prettiness. To give her an exuberant French style, I rediscovered Pullip Clara’s fancy dress and Myra’s light pink faux-fur cape. Her socks are the ones she arrived in and I rarely change her out of them, since they have the most perfect mauve color. Since she is on an obitsu body, her feet are a little bigger than Pullip’s type 4 body and most of my shoes unfortunately don’t fit her. I am still waiting for her new shoes and will buy a bunch of obitsu shoes in Japan, but for now she is happy in these Hello Cool Cat shoes, which are a favorite of mine. They come in a lot of different colors and are out of very nice quality!

Chloi is ready for summer!Another new outfit came for my Pullip Chloi. It also is from It’s MY Caprice and not only do I love all the beads, sequins and beautiful turquoise fabric, its name Ariel only managed to draw me in further. I mentioned how much I am looking forward to going back to Tokyo Disney Sea and my favorite spot there is the Mermaid Lagoon at night! Together with her fitting flower crown, she perfectly embodies the warmer seasons for me. Wouldn’t Summer also be a beautiful name for her? Continue reading My Dolly Week #16: My Dolls are S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

My Dolly Week #8: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody and welcome to my eighth Dolly Week, my weekly post in which I like to ramble on about all dolly- and toy-related topics that crossed my way in the past seven days!

I was sick all week and am now so done with being cooped up at home. I just cannot wait to get out and to be able to do other things than sleep and watch anime all day. On a positive note, I also finally created a page for my doll reviews to make this blog more organized. It is going to be constantly updated with the newest reviews. The page is also linked in my side bar! Continue reading My Dolly Week #8: Happy Easter!

Review: Pullip Chloi Doll Carnival 2010

Pullip Chloi is just like her twin Clara a Doll Carnival 2010 limited release. There are 600 Chlois worldwide!
Pullip Chloi is, like her twin Clara, a Doll Carnival 2010 limited release. There are only 600 of her!

Last week I wrote about Groove’s 2010 limited Pullip release Clara and today it is time for her twin sister Chloi. Like Clara, Chloi also had the limited number of 600 pieces and was a special Doll Carnival Pullip. I bought both twins from Mandarake Japan, where rare dolls tend to show up once in a while. Continue reading Review: Pullip Chloi Doll Carnival 2010

My Dolly Week #2

Pullip Galene
Pullip Galene, my dream Pullip!

Welcome back to the second round of my segment, where I like to write about all doll-related things that I did or influenced me in the past seven days!

This week all I wanted to do was write about and take pictures of my dolls and so I was able to post reviews about Pullip Lupinus and Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World. I had a lot of fun and just like last week, it felt like I was getting closer to my collection. Basically, I had the sensation you get, when you do the things you love. Continue reading My Dolly Week #2