Review: Pullip Clara Doll Carnival 2010

Pullip Clara is a limited Pullip that was released in 2010.
Pullip Clara is a limited Pullip that was released in 2010. Only 600 Pullip Clara were made!

Pullip Clara is a release from 2010 and a very limited at that. She was especially made for the Doll Carnival as part of a duo with Pullip Chloi, her twin sister. Only 600 dolls of Clara and Chloi were sold each. I was able to acquire the lovely sisters through Mandarake and will post a review on Pullip Chloi next week. Today let’s focus on the pink twin!

Pullip Clara's Face-Up.
Pullip Clara’s Face-Up.

Pullip Clara’s color scheme is pink and black. For a carnival doll her make-up does not look different from rather simple, but pretty everday make-up. Her eyechips break the circle of pink and black a little bit, since they are a glittery sapphire blue, which is a quite interesting choice. They were the actual reason, why I got interested in her and started to do some research. Her eyechips are such a pretty contrast to the purplish pink eyeshadow on her upper lid and pink shadow in the inner corners of her eyes. The crease is accentuated with black and white liner and she is also wearing a sharp flick of black eyeliner on her upper lid that is going downwards. Clara’s waterlines are also black. She has five drawn-on brown and white lashes on her upper lid, while her lower lid is full of those lashes. Her lashes are black and her brows are a very light brown with some single darker brown hairs drawn on top of them.

Pullip Clara's Eyelids.
Pullip Clara’s Eyelids.

A very fun factor are Clara’s darker purplish pink eyelids that have a slight sparkle to them. The rest of her face is quite pale. There is only very soft pink blush at the outer corners of her face and a little bit of rosy pink gloss in the middle of her lips, while the rest looks bare.

Pullip Clara's wig is flowy amazingness!
Pullip Clara’s wig is flowy amazingness!

I am a big fan of her wig color, which is such a dark brown that it almost seems black. Even though I would like it to be a little bit fuller in the back, it is well made with no wig cap in sight. The bangs in the front are even cut in two length-differing layers. They are very cute and cover up her brows. The ends of her long straight hair in the back have a bit of a voluminous curl to them. She went to get a blow-out, before attending the carnival!

Pullip Clara and her trendy choker!
Clara and her trendy choker!

Clara (with Chloi) is the oldest Pullip I own right now and before getting her, it made me nervous since I was stumbling into new territory. I am quite glad that she is on a type 4-body because I am not ready to trust myself with even older Pullip yet. The only surprise I had, was her choker, which is extremely in fashion in Japan at the moment. Those big balls out of fake fur were practically everywhere. Clara’s is pink and on a pink ribbon with black polka dots that you can tie into a bow at the back of her neck.

Pullip Clara's dress without sleeves.
Clara’s dress without sleeves.
The dress has four layers.
The skirt has four layers.
Dress detail.
Dress detail.

Her dress is actually a neckholder that goes around Clara’s neck out of a mixture between black tulle and lace. It closes behind her neck and behind her back with velcro. The main color of the dress is pink, but is almost concealed everywhere due to some kind of see-through layer out of black tulle. The bodice is only covered by one layer of black tulle with black polka dots and also has black lace sewn all around the top. There is more black lace going all around Clara’s waistline before it transcends to the four-layered skirt. The first layer is out of the black tulle with black polka dots. There is a white and pink checkered bow with a black bead on top on both sides of it. There are two rows of black lace with floral themes at the hemline. The second layer features even more black tulle with a different kind of lace at the hemline. There is a pink bow with black polka dots and a black bead on top on each side. These bows are also on top of two rows of black tulle that is responsible for the dress’ a-line silhouette. The third layer is out of a pink polyester fabric that also sparkles in the light. Its hemline consists out of two lacey black layers as well. The last layer consists out of simple pink tulle that sticks out of the bottom of the dress and is actually a separate underskirt. Many sections of the skirt are sewn together, which make it quite structured and tight fitting. It is more like a pencil skirt behind the scenes because there is no room for Clara’s legs to move sideways.

Clara's sleeves.
Clara’s sleeves.

The sleeves are not sewn on to the dress and are removable. The top part of the sleeves are puff sleeves that are out of pink fabric and covered in black lace. The rest of the sleeves are out of black lace that have golden thread worked into some parts of the fabric.

Pullip Clara's shoes.
Pullip Clara’s shoes.

Next to black panties, her clothes are complete with knee stockings out of black fishnet with black polka dots and black lace on top. She is wearing metallic light pink plastic high heels with an ankle strap, which add a nice touch to her look.

Clara can transform into a bunny!
Clara transforms into a bunny!

I did not mention yet that Clara also comes with her own hairclips that look like bunny ears! They have soft pink fleece on the outside and a black ball out of fake fur at the top that looks straight out of a Ghibli-movie. On the inside there is black tulle with black polka dots and black lace is sewn all around the edges, except on top of the clips. Their functionality is very good. They do not pull hair out, are hard to put on or hard to remove. There is also wire inside of the ears to change their shape up a little bit!

Clara's bag.
Clara’s bag.

The last accessory that she comes with, is her little evening purse. The handle is out of golden beads and the main part of the bag is a stuffed pink pouch that is covered in black lace with golden threads, just like Clara’s sleeves. The bag is not functional, but sewn closed at the top, where it is also embellished with a row of different black lace. As final main point there is a rose out of shiny pink fabric that lies on top of fake pink fur and a golden bow. I am not totally sold on the look of this purse, but I would not mind wearing it during a doll carnival.

Pullip Chloi and Pullip Clara are the cutest twins!
Pullip Chloi and Pullip Clara are the cutest twins!

Pullip Clara definitely showed me how much fun it is to research Pullip history and to discover treasures for my collection. I really enjoy her minimalist face-up that still carries a lot of sweetness. I hope that I could share my excitement for her and will be able to do so next week, when I will discuss her twin sister Pullip Chloi in detail.

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Review: Pullip Clara Doll Carnival 2010”

  1. I’m so new to Pullip that I’ve never heard of these twins! I love her eyelids. Clara is just stunning! So looking forward to seeing Chloi too!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      For the longest time I also had no clue that they were made! One day I saw a stock-picture from Clara by pure chance and thought that her hair was really pretty. That’s how I started my research and found out about her twin. Pullip sisters kind of get me: Clara and Chloi, Laura and Alura, Callie and Cassie… Groove knows, what they are doing! πŸ˜€ They look too good in pairs!

      Have a nice day!!!

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