My Wishlist for Japan 2017!

In a few weeks my fiancé and I will go to Tokyo on our honeymoon. Japan is our favorite destination to travel to and absolutely worth saving up for! The first time was the most stressful, when it came to planning and not knowing your way around the busiest areas. Now I can actually find calm and piece in the buzzy metropolitan area of Tokyo in contrast to my everyday life in a much smaller capital in Europe. This year I also want to be more calm and collected, when it comes to shopping! My biggest nemesis are gashapon, when I set my mind on getting a certain item, but only get doubles and triples! >< I always had more luck with blind boxes, but still it can come down to such a waste of money! I am also going to try to invest more in experiences, as long as I plan beforehand and everything works out.Princess Serenity and Seiya

1) Tickets to the Sailor Moon Musical ‘Le Mouvement Final’

Last year we missed the Sailor Moon musical, when it was playing in Tokyo, but this year we could be actually lucky. I will know on July 29th, when the official pre-order for Le Mouvement Final starts in the middle of the night. It would be such an amazing experience to see Eternal Sailor Moon on stage! She is my favorite form of Sailor Moon and I also love the Starlights. Last year, they also had funky glasses for visitors, who needed English subtitles. I am so completely sold on going there, what could go wrong! 😉

2) A Visit to Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney SeaComparing the two Disney parks in Japan, I would have to say that I love Tokyo Disney Sea a little more than Disneyland. I love the rides, the way it is mapped out…and I love Gelatoni! Since I had no more space in my suitcase the last time for Duffy and Shellie May plushies, they are planning to come with me this time! A few weeks ago, fellow dolly lover Mari also told me about new character Stella Lou in the comments, which I will be forever grateful for because there has to be also space for this adorable purple bunny! Then there is a new Nemo attraction and we missed the Toy Story ride the last time. Reasons after reasons to visit this magic place again!

3) Checking Out Dollyteria in Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is my favorite area in Tokyo! It was the first place in Japan we stayed at in 2012 and since then it is the place we most feel at home. I do not want to know, how many hours we have actually spent in Sunshine City. 🙂 Still, there are things you mostly only ever learn about, when you are back at home. This occured, when I heard about second hand doll store Dollyteria, which is coupled with second hand clothing store closetchild. They also have a website, but I do not think they ship internationally and it is not the most organised. I really want to browse and look for older Pullip and Blythe releases!

4) Junie Moon

Another regret of mine is to have never been inside a Junie Moon store! I want to see the glorious shelves full of Blythes with my own eyes-if it rhymes it will come true! Considering there are so many upcoming releases for gorgeous Blythe dolls, it would be amazing to take a girl home with me! I also want to browse for my dollies at home and might check out their famous kigurumi!

5) Ghibli Neko Bus Plushy from Totoro

Everytime I go to Japan, I like to take one or two (okay, three) Ghibli plushies home with me. This year I have my heart set on the cat bus from the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

6) A New Dolly Friend

I really want to get a dolly in Japan and to take pictures of her, while we are on holiday. I am pretty sure that I would miss photographing dollies otherwise. And: Do you ever need an excuse for a new dolly?!

7) A Yukata from the Azone Store

Hopefully the Azone Store in Akihabara carries a selection of yukata, when I’m in Japan. It would be awesome to get traditional Japanese clothes for my dolls!

8) Dolly Accessories

Michiru finally needs her violin and I cannot wait to browse and find awesome accessories for my dolls. Especially new wigs for some of my girls and headbands.

9) Biyori Beauty Shop

You can find Biyori Beauty Shop in the so called Character Street in Tokyo Station. We did not make it there last year because it gets crazy busy on holidays and weekends and we had missed our chance before we had to go back home. I am really looking forward to all the Sailor Moon merchandise.

10) Filled Crêpes from Korot

Korot sells the most delicious filled crêpes ever! They have wandering crêpe stands in subway stations, but one of their main spots is right opposite of Radio Kaikan on the ground floor of the department store in Akihabara Station. My favorite flavor is apple and cream! So, so good!

Pullip Cheshire CatDid I miss something? Please tell me! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading!


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