My Dolly Week #44: Christmas Festivities and Their Consequences!

Welcome to the 44th Dolly Week and let me tell you: Celebrating with my family and all of my dolls swallowed all of my energy! I am still recovering. Especially my dolls look like the sweetest cuties, but they are such party animals in real life! I am a bit afraid of what New Year’s Eve will look like! Yikes! πŸ˜€ Furthermore, I am working through the holidays this year and I was so tired yesterday that I completely overslept. Thankfully, I did not get up to late, but you can imagine that I am not the best version of myself right now! >< But(!): I am SO excited to make more dolly content! It is a bit weird to me that I am not uploading daily anymore on my Instagram, but I still have some pictures up my sleeve and want to do a nice photoshoot for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!

My Poison Girls Mayu, Rise & RuriOn Christmas Eve I wanted to share this picture of my Poison Girl cuties, who are wearing some of my favorite outfits and Mayu and Ruri are carrying Christmas handbags from La Prinfresa. I simply love Rudolph and the little Christmas tree. Their quality is out of this world and the details are simply so nice! I will use them every year from now on and I also saw online that they look so nice as ornaments on dolly sized trees! If that does not sound like a good investment, I truly do not know, what is! πŸ˜‰

Ruri and Mayu in winter gear.The same handbags actually made their debut in this picture with Ruri and Mayu going for an evening stroll! Finding nice winter coats was kind of a struggle for me. At first, because then I discovered Bla Bla Blythe‘s work with a super large variety of winter wear for dolls! I can see myself getting a down jacket in the future, but for my first purchase, I decided on matching checkered wool winter coats. They are perfection! Nice quality with a nice feel to them – I want one for myself, to be honest! πŸ™‚

Rise as sleeping Snow WhiteI wanted to take a picture of Rise as sleeping Snow White (her dress is from It’s My Caprice) and when I was in the middle of preparing it, it dawned on me as the perfect opportunity to create a wintery still life around her. I now know, why people are purchasing decorative apples, since I am one of them. But apart from my new found love for photo props, I absolutely love Rise’s pink eyelids and am always happy to show them. Pullip’s eyelids are the best!

Minnie reading 'The Nice List'!‘The Nice List’ was an idea dancing in my head since the middle of November. I wanted a special photograph with Minnie as Santa’s helper, but not without a slight eye on personal gain, since one of her job’s perks is the fact that she can put herself on top of the list! πŸ˜‰ Her nice gingham dress is from Whimsies on the Moon. Dresses like that with a slight school uniform vibe and simple elegance are favorites of mine! They are probably my number one look next to super exuberant kawaii outfits for dolls. Its quality is amazing too and it is now travelling from doll to doll, since all of my cuties want to wear it! I combined the dress with the bonnet from Pullip Lupinus‘ stock outfit and my Winnie The Pooh mascot plush from Tokyo Disney Resort’s 2016’s holiday collection wanted to make an appearance as well!

Hattie, my customized Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint.When Hattie received her new wig, I thought that she looked like an angel, which then led to her being clothed into Pullip Blanche‘s stock dress and me making a pair of wings for her. They are not perfect, but I really like them and might reuse them for another girl in the near future. Would you like to guess, who it is going to be?!

Elodie Day, my Pullip My Melody HEN-NAKOElodie Day (Pullip My Melody X Hen-Nako) can wear anything, but she definitely looks magical in red outfits! Elodie is also a special girl for me, since she started the second run of Pullip and Sanrio collaborations. With Pullip Cinnamoroll coming up, I am getting excited imaging both of them next to each other in their stock outfits! (If anybody from Groove or AGA is, though very unlikely, reading this. please also give us a new Pullip Hello Kitty and Pompompurin!)

Pullips Hermione and Audrey, Cassie and CallieThe stars of the final picture are Pullip twins Hermione and Audrey (Cassie and Callie). I cannot express, how much both of them were missing from my Pullip collection! As a lover of sweet looking face ups and girly dolls, I fall more in love with them with every day that passes! Even though their stock outfits are super lacey and whimsy, I wanted to see them in clothes that were a touch brighter. They are wearing unicorn dresses by Lulla CrΓ©ation that I combined with long sleeves and tights, since it is (supposed to be) cold outside. Chip’n’Dale are making an appearance too! πŸ˜‰

Update: I weren’t able to write for a few days (it is New Year’s Eve right now) and will write and publish a new post with dolly news right after this!

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. I love all of the thought and creativity that went into your Advent Calendar! It was so fun everyday to see what lovely photos you posted. πŸ™‚

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