My Dolly Week #40: 2018 Will Be As Sweet As Pullip Cinnamoroll!

Pullip CinnamorollAs if last week, was not exciting enough for Pullip fans like me, the latest Pullip announcement was made yesterday for Pullip Cinnamoroll! Yes, my favorite Sanrio character will be the inspiration for my favorite doll! I am so happy and excited that the promotional images of her do not disappoint at all and that Cinamoroll’s 15th birthday will get even more special!

My Pullip Ruri from Poison GirlI am in full Christmas preparations in my house because I would like to make a dolly advent calender and post a picture every day on my Instagram. After six posts, I will share them on here in a combined post with additional informations and thoughts about my dolls. I want it to be casual doll fun, since the holidays can be a quite stressful time for many people. I am already planning lots of cute pictures and will also share some new dollies with you! It is probably needless to say that Ruri and Mayu will make several appearances. There are still some things I have to get in the mail first, but it should all work out!

My Pullip Mayu from Poison GirlMy Pullip Ruri from Poison GirlIn the meantime, my first two Poison Girls are wearing the cutest animal inspired outfits. Petit Creayations has the sweetest kitty fabrics, I have ever seen and combines them with playful designs. To say that I am in love with Ruri’s ensemble, is quite an understatement. Even her accessories are kitty-themed, her pink hat is from Juja Shop and her ballet flats and tights are from Hello Cool Cat. While Ruri is looking quite catty, her sister Mayu has transformed into a cute panda bear with a shirt and skirt from Cositas de Nenitas. Being a panda suits her so well in my opinion! The whole outfit compliments her hair and make up very nicely. When it comes to Mayu, I want to style her hair more fairy kei in the future and that is why I added the ice cream clip from Junie Moon.

Pullip CinnamorollPullip CinnamorollNow onto the new releases: I simply adore Pullip Cinnamoroll! She will be my second Sanrio collaboration Pullip doll after Pullip My Melody Hen-Nako Ver. from 2016, who sold out super fast. Keeping My Melody’s popularity in mind, I will try and secure my Pullip Cinnamoroll the second she goes on pre-order. Not only is her stock amazing – nobody can resist these high heels with bunny ears – but the doll itself is so cute with super interesting eyechips with pastel accents. I am so happy with this release! She is supposed to be released outside of Japan around April and I will definitely tell you as soon as I pre-ordered her in my Instagram Stories!

Pullip HimawariPullip HimawariWe also have better pictures of Pullip Himawari now, which only made me more hyped up for her. Doesn’t her face look extra sweet, happy and innocent?! I also love that her gingham dress seems to come with a full underskirt with a lace hemline underneath, which gives it a lot of volume. And: Those new girls have such nice eyebrows! I swear, next to Nanette Erica Ver., there could not be a better start for 2018!

【11/23先行予約スタート💓】 安野モヨコ氏の描くマジカル・ラブ・ファンタジー作品『シュガシュガルーン』とブライスのコラボ✨ TOPSHOP限定ネオブライス『マジカルワールドオブシュガシュガルーンプレゼンツ ショコラブライス』の先行予約が明日11/23よりジュニームーン各店舗でスタートします💕 今回のコラボのための、スペシャル仕様満載のブライスが出来ました😍 詳細は当店ブログや公式サイトをご確認下さいね🌟 ※こちらの画像はイメージ画像です。最終仕様ではございませんのでご注意下さいね❣️ #juniemoon #ジュニームーン代官山店 #blythe #ブライス #安野モヨコ #シュガシュガルーン #TOPSHOP限定ネオブライス #マジカルワールドオブシュガシュガルーンプレゼンツショコラブライス #ショコラブライス #明日より先行予約開始

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I know, Halloween is over, but that luckily does not mean that we have to miss out on cute little witches, especially not, if you are a fellow Blythe fan! The first promotional image of Neo-Blythe Chocolat was released last week and she looks so, so cute! They did such a great job with her green eyechips and red hair! I am looking forward to seeing more of her!

After so many news, I would love to know, who your favorite of all those sweethearts is! Will you pre-order one of them or do you want to wait for other’s reviews first?

Thank you so much for reading and please check out my advent calendar starting from Friday on my Instagram!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #40: 2018 Will Be As Sweet As Pullip Cinnamoroll!”

  1. I hope you get the Cinnamoroll Pullip! She is perfect for you!!!

    I’m excited for your advent calendar. I love Christmas so much. I can’t wait to get my Christmas decorations going!

    1. Yaaay, thank you so much for being excited! 😀 It was more work than I expected and I still have some pictures to shoot left. At the same time it is such a rewarding feeling to create something that other people might think of as cute and like. 🙂 Especially Christmas pictures have such a nice feeling to them. I love it too! 🙂

      Pullip Cinnamoroll is such a dream come true…especially after visiting Sanrio Puroland I have to get their Pullip collaborations! 😀

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