Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

A list of all of my dolls and their creators, including links, after the jump!

  1. Minnie/Iris Mint by Charon Dolls
  2. Ponyo by Eniva Queen
  3. Claire by Kitasin Doll House
  4. Choux by Kitasin Doll House
  5. Suzume by Mikiyochii
  6. Sencha by Nina’s Dolls
  7. Chi by Nomyens
  8. Ruri by Poison Girl’s Dolls
  9. Mayu by Poison Girl’s Dolls
  10. Rise by Poison Girl’s Dolls
  11. Mia by Poison Girl’s Dolls
  12. Hime by Poison Girl’s Dolls

I guarantee you that each single custom girl will get her own introductory review post in the upcoming weeks. Also, Suzume has changed a lot since I got her, but I feel like I have found the perfect look for her now!

Thank you so much for reading!


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