My Dolly Week #70: Pushing Yourself!

Rise being a wa lolitaLast Sunday something inside of my head clicked. It is always difficult to pin down the exact moment, when things change. I am constantly thinking about this blog, about the content I post and hope to produce in the future. And with my regular posting schedule I was starting to feel comfortable. This comfortable feeling is dangerous because it also means that you are caught up in a routine that could easily go on forever – and this is not what I want because I want to do and learn so much more! It also dawned on me that this comfortable space was only an illusion because there were certain things at the back of my head, who I did not dare to touch. And still, the more I ignored them, the more my longing to actually face them grew!

Smart Doll SelfieI wanted to participate in trying to make it into the next Smart Doll owner collage for a few weeks, but dismissed it because I was not comfortable showing my face (the last year in particular was straining for the relationship that I have with myself). Still, it would not let me go and it became so much more than the surgical mask for Smart Doll, which you can only get by being chosen for the collage. On Sunday I could not stand me chicken out anymore and decided that Monday would be the day for me to take that selfie with Mei’s help…and I think that it turned out fine! πŸ™‚ I am still a bit shy to have a picture of me open out on the internet, but at the same time it felt like an important step towards accepting and loving myself.

Turns out my selfie with Mei had started to stir more inside of me than I had initially imagined and after flirting with making videos for months, I went to work. My first video is no masterpiece whatsoever and I want to learn editing and speaking more comfortably in front of a camera, but I am still proud of sharing it with you all. I hope that you can feel my love and joy in every single word. The styling of my girls took a few days and now I know for sure that I have a shortage of Pullip tights and shoes. I need to get on that (as well as getting new wigs), so that I will one day be able to share my whole collection with all of my girls being their best selves! I was also overwhelmed with all of your support and lovely feedback about my first YouTube endeavor! To have so many people loving what I do, means the world to me and I want to thank each and everybody of you so, so much!

Minnie, wearing preppy clothesMarie in a preppy blouse and skirtWhen it comes to dolly fashion, I absolutely adore the preppy look. It looks so sweet on dolls and I love to collect school uniforms and similar outfits. Minnie is wearing an outfit by Reve de Rui, which consists out of a checkered black dress and a cream coloured blouse. Little did I know that I would love the blouse even more on its own with its dramatic frills and gold buttons. It looks great with high-waisted skirts, but also super cute with simple denim or leggins.

Rise as wa lolitaAnother new and big favourite is this wa lolita outfit by La Princesa Yukijiro. Wa lolita is a Japanese fashion style that combines lolita clothing with traditional kimono designs. The set consists out of various parts, including two skirts for lots of fluffy volume, an eye-catching obi (the belt) and a super cute head bow. The kimono material is to die for as well; light green, various tones of turquoise, gold and navy blue – who could pull these clothes off better than my little Rise?! I love it so much on her, she has no plans for a soon outfit change!

I really feel like this was a crazy whirlwind of a post! With lots of overcoming anxiety and personal growth. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

And also: Thank you so much for reading!


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