My Dolly Week #2

Pullip Galene
Pullip Galene, my dream Pullip!

Welcome back to the second round of my segment, where I like to write about all doll-related things that I did or influenced me in the past seven days!

This week all I wanted to do was write about and take pictures of my dolls and so I was able to post reviews about Pullip Lupinus and Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World. I had a lot of fun and just like last week, it felt like I was getting closer to my collection. Basically, I had the sensation you get, when you do the things you love. Continue reading My Dolly Week #2

Review: Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World

Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World
Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World

Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World wrote Pullip-history. She was the first Pullip with a new eye-mechanism, which allows you to show off her eyeliner, while her eyes are still open. Cheshire Cat was released in Japan in October 2016 and is the last doll in the Alice in Steampunk World series. She was very sought after and really popular from the moment her promo-pictures turned up on the internet, but I have to admit that I did not think that she was for me. And even just now, when I look at her promo-pictures for reference, I get the same feeling of indifference that I had then. Luckily I was able to travel to Japan in December, where I did not only change my mind about Pullip Lupinus, but fell in love with Cheshire Cat and bought her on the first day of my trip. She is a really sweet kitty and is now best friends with my Nana-chan.

Cheshire Cat and Nana-chan
Here is the proof!

Continue reading Review: Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World

Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Lupinus

Creator's Label Pullip Lupinus
Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus

Pullip Lupinus is (with her counterpart Dal Quince) the latest release in the Groove Inc. Creator’s Label line.Β  She came out in November and was created by Silver Butterfly, who previously also designed the outfits for Galene and Nana-chan. When she was announced, the number one discussion was about her eyechips, which do not have pupils. I made up my mind about her, after I saw her in person in Akihabara in Tokyo. Her cute face left such a huge impression on me that I ordered her a few weeks later. Continue reading Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Lupinus

My Dolly Week #1

Optical Alice - the newest Pullip
Pullip Optical Alice

This is the first post of what will be a weekly segment about all the doll related things I did in the previous week. I hope you will enjoy it!

First of all: I finally got this blog started with my first post about the newest Groove Inc. release, which is Pullip Optical Alice. She was released on Amazon Japan last Sunday (February 19th) and they shipped her out so quickly that she arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. She is so beautiful in person that it was a treat to take lots of pictures of her in her new home. She is a wonderful addition to my collection and I love how the Pullip Alice-dolls complement each other. I might consider buying missing Alices in the future with Romantic Alice and Alice du Jardin Pink on top of my list. Continue reading My Dolly Week #1

Review: Pullip Optical Alice

There is a new Alice in Groove Town!

After waiting since the middle of November Optical Alice, the first doll of the Pullip Optical Alice Series, arrived yesterday at my doorstep. Optical Alice is also the first Pullip release in 2017 and continues Groove’s love for the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, after finishing Alice in Steampunk World with the release of Cheshire Cat last year. Continue reading Review: Pullip Optical Alice