My Dolly Week #1

Optical Alice - the newest Pullip
Pullip Optical Alice

This is the first post of what will be a weekly segment about all the doll related things I did in the previous week. I hope you will enjoy it!

First of all: I finally got this blog started with my first post about the newest Groove Inc. release, which is Pullip Optical Alice. She was released on Amazon Japan last Sunday (February 19th) and they shipped her out so quickly that she arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. She is so beautiful in person that it was a treat to take lots of pictures of her in her new home. She is a wonderful addition to my collection and I love how the Pullip Alice-dolls complement each other. I might consider buying missing Alices in the future with Romantic Alice and Alice du Jardin Pink on top of my list.

Pullips Optical Alice, Dilettante and Sailor Neptune
Pullips Optical Alice, Dilettante and Michiru

On Thursday another Pullip came in the mail. Unfortunately I have been away and not been able to make nice photos yet, but she is one of my grail dolls that, next to Classical Alice, got me into Pullips: Pullip Dilettante! I tried to get her from an European retailer, but as it turns out, she is sold-out everywhere and about two months later I was able to buy her from The Doll Market in the US. They provided fast and secure shipping; everything turned out totally fine! The review about Dilettante will be up soon, but if you want to get her, I would not wait for too long anymore because she is harder and harder to get.

Speaking of new dolls: There are three older Pullip releases on their way (2012 and 2010), all of them grail dolls and I am an extremely lucky girl!

I also got a new dress from Dollily Studio on Etsy, which is one of my favourite shops on Etsy for Pullip-dresses. My Sailor Neptune-Pullip Michiru is wearing it right now to welcome spring. To end this busy week of mail, my Pokรฉmon Center Poncho Pikachu-plushies from the second promotion campaign to celebrate the opening of the newest Pokรฉmon Center in Sapporo arrived. Vulpix one of my favourite Pokรฉmon, as is Pikachu and the mascot for the Center in Sapporo is the Alolan Vulpix, which makes this release perfect for me.

I hope that you all had a great dolly week and my goal for next week is to produce more content because I enjoy hanging out with my Pullips so much.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!


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