My Dolly Week #58: Happy Easter!

Minnie's Easter room!Happy Easter, everyone! Whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you are having a nice little spring holiday! Last week was a whirlwind for me and I unfortunately could not invest as much time into my dolls, as I would normally like to. On the plus side, I started fixing my sleep schedule and ventured out into nature (during the day) to break the bad habit of living like a vampire (nothing against vampires, but it was just not working out for me..)! Miss Minnie welcomes you and let’s get started!

Mayu channeling her inner Easter bunny!For Easter, I finally could use my cat hats out of the gashapon machine again! The ones I have, are so specifically calling this season’s name that I was actually saving this picture from Mayu since February! My girl looks like an Easter egg with her yellow fluffy bunny hat! Her dress is from Plastic Fashion and I really love to dress Mayu in vibrant clothes, incorporating yellow and pink. And turquoise, of course!

Pullip Easter time!Lily (Pullip Nana chan), Hattie (Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint) and Luise (Pullip Lupinus) were very good sports too, when I dressed them up with some super eggy bunnies with gingham ears. While Hattie is still wearing her bunny outfit from Sugar Lattice, Luise and Lily are wearing outfits by Dollily Studio. I have been a fan of Jade’s dresses basically from the moment I started collecting. Her dresses are so amazingly pretty and there is another one I got recently, which I just have to show you in the upcoming days! (Spoiler: Miss Mia is wearing it! 😉 )

Rise has found another most important strawberry!Rise is still wearing her Sailor Strawberry clothes! 🙂 I almost completely forgot about this strawberry themed Korilakkuma cushion that basically should be Rise’s property now! >< I cannot wait for strawberry season!

New releases! Groove absolutely surprised evrybody last week by announcing Taeyang The Joker! The last DC collaborations were released in 2016 and I can only imagine, how thrilled collectors must feel that already own at least one version of Pullip Harley Quinn. This release only makes sense in my opinion and I also think that Groove did an amazing job with his face up! He is set to be released in July.

ネオブライス『シーキングアペレス』のイラストが公式サイトにて発表になりました💛🌷 新宿店での販売方法や最終仕様は決まり次第、公式サイトにてアップされますので、楽しみにお待ちくださいね✨ #juniemoon新宿店 #blythe #ブライス #ネオブライス #シーキングアペレス #5月発売予定

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There is also another Neo-Blythe coming your way and her name is Seeking Apelles, a sweet art student in funky clothes! We only have the official illustration of her so far, but I am really interested to see, how her concept is going to translate into reality. How puffy is her hat going to be?! She will be released in May, so we should see the actual Blythe soon.

Have you had some nice days off over Easter? I did not get too crazy over my chocolate eggs and will continue to munch on them in the following days! 😀

Thank you so much for reading!


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