MDW #56: Raging Strawberry Spirits!

What a week it has been! Pretty much like the proverbial mixed bag, my spirit in my ‘adult life’ almost got broken at work, but my private and dolly life have been pretty good. There were also plenty of exciting announcements, which might already could fill their very own post. Let’s talk about all the dolly things!

Sailor Strawberry is here to save the world!I have to first talk about non other than fabulous super hero Sailor Strawberry! Sailor Neptune got a bit tired of Rise borrowing her sailor uniform each and every day, so María‘s package came exactly at the right moment! She was so kind to gift Rise a strawberrylicious looking outfit from her own collection, which Sailor Strawberry tried on immediately to turn into her next transformation: Super Sailor Strawberry! Thank you so much to María for making sweet Rise even sweeter! My girls sporting new wigs!About two weeks ago, I started an experiment with my overly frizzy Pullip stock wigs and tried the exact same method that I have used to restore my old Barbies’ hair. It worked pretty well on Nana-chan‘s and Alice du Jardin‘s stock wigs. They now have a wavy structure, instead of ringlets, and look way better! I also tried the whole process on Classical Alice‘s wig. but will have to do it all over again. I will defnitely report back on my results after the second round! Sayaka, Pullip Prunella, is wearing Pullip Alura’s stock wig at the moment. I like it because it gives her a classic look and enhances her eyeshadow!

My darling Wednesday!Wednesday! She is so happy that her wig is not frizzed out anymore! She is also sporting the first pair of reading glasses that I got for my dolls! They are by Cherry Maou and I got them from Doremy, probably one of my favourite shops for Pullips by now! Wednesday is my example, of how much you can change a stock doll to make her one of your favourites! Pullip Laura is awesome!

. 푸리프 15주년 인형 #Etoile #에뚜알르 . ★요코하마 인형의 집★ 푸리프 15주년 기념 전시 . 패션 프리미엄 돌 푸리프 15주년 기념전시 [별하늘의 꿈] . 4월 21일~6월 24일까지 요코하마 인형의 집에서 개최됩니다. . 자신의 인형만들기, 푸리프 퀴즈 선물, 뱃지 만들기, 포토존 등 다양한 이벤트가 준비되어 있으니 요코하마에 여행을 계획중이신 푸리프 팬 여러분들께 즐거운 체험이 되시리라 생각됩니다. . #AGA #pullip #푸리프 #인형전시 #일본전시 #일본여행 #요코하마 #요코하마인형의집 #푸리프1주년 #인형 #인형놀이 #인형스타그램 #돌스타그램 #육일돌 #구체관절인형 #doll #dolls #dollstagram #プーリップ #ドール #ドールスタグラム #人形 #普利普 #пуллип

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‘Etoile’, which means ‘star’ in French, is the name of the latest Pullip, who was announced last week with further information on the Pullip exhibition and contest in Yokohama’s Doll Museum. Pullip Etoile will be available for purchase there from May 27th and was designed to fit the overall theme. What I initially wondered about, were the two rhinestones that Etoile is wearing under her eyes. I wonder, if they will be glued onto her face or come separately with the doll, just like Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon’s forehead moon. I do like her eyebrows, which remind me of Pullip Classical Alice and I think that we haven’t seen her whole outfit yet because there are some super tiny pictures of her on the doll museum’s website, which imply that she is coming with a heavy duty coat!

What really struck me this week, were Groove’s pictures of Pullips Cinnamoroll and Himawari in and out of their boxes. The more I see of them, the more I am absolutely sure that these are my favourite dolls of 2018 out of all the prior released and announced Pullips so far! Those two give me pretty much the same excitement that I get, when I find a rare doll online and am able to add her to my collection. They are so wholesome and pretty from head to toe – completely without compromises!

Then the official promotional pictures and photos from the Junie Moon stores of Neo-Blythe Jillian’s Dream came along: That stock outfit looks so, so nice! >< Also, can we please talk about her story? That she is dreaming of suddenly taking a walk in the Ginza of the 60ies?! Who thinks of things like that?! I am intrigued!

This is basically it for this week, have you ridden the ‘Raging Spirits’ rollercoaster before? I had to go on it alone in Tokyo Disney Sea because the staff said that my husband was too tall. XD So the ride always reminds me of having fun with about 40% of sadness, which sums up my whole week. My job is working in the cultural service industry, which I have done for years – and it has slowly run its course. I have honestly had it with rude people looking down on me. Sorry for this unhappy story, I just felt like I should explain, why I could not post earlier this week. I was just really, really sad. But this too shall pass!

I honestly and with all of my heart hope that you have had a better week! Never forget that you are entitled to be treated with respect and believe in yourself!

Thank you so much for reading!


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