My Dolly Week #4

Optical Alice can finally wear her head bow!
Optical Alice can finally wear her head bow!

Another Sunday and time for another Dolly Week, where I talk about all the doll- and sometimes toy-related things I did in the last week. First of all: The secret to Optical Alice‘s head bow has finally been lifted thanks to Angela fom Omocha Crush’s review on YouTube. Finally I was able to clip it on to her head, where it will stay for a long time now because you have to use a lot of pressure against her forehead, which was a pain mentally. Why would you want to use pressure with an object out of metal against your doll’s forehead?! I am not the biggest fan. At least it looks cute!

Blythie and her catkins!
Blythie and her catkins!

How cute is my vase full of catkins?! My Mum gifted them to me last week. I could not help myself to put them in the background of some of my pictures and will probably continue to do so for the following weeks. My Blythie also seems to be in the mood for spring and got a season-themed outfit. As mentioned last week, I did organize my doll collection and finally started to use this Blythe-themed notebook that I picked up in Japan. I really love that Neo-Blythe Dauphine Dream is on the cover. Inside I listed all of my Pullips and wrote down their details like release date, series, creators, wig- and eyechip-colors and so on. It all feels very neat, which makes me happy. Speaking of Neo-Blythes: A new Neo-Blythe for May with the name Gracey Chantilly has been announced. We still have to wait for the product pictures, but from what we have been promised, she seems incredibly cute!

Seila arrived and is pure art!
Seila arrived and is pure art!

Now here is my update on Seila: She arrived safe at home and I have not unboxed her yet because there has not been any proper light to do her justice. I also have to say that adding her to my collection gave me a feeling of completion. She just looks so perfect next to my other Pullips and each and every single one of them is so, so dear to me. (Basically, Seila makes me soppy. I do apologize!)

For next week I have a lot of photography-ideas and also want to venture out to write about other toys (even though dolls will stay my favourite topic to write about). Next to dolls I collect plushies (mostly PokΓ©mon and SAN-X) and figures. Moreover I want to finally push myself and start translating from the two Pullip-books that I bought in Japan.

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Hallo Theri!

    Our name are Giovanni and Elizabeth. Your hobby is very nice. We are fans from you. A good day.
    Best regards from us.

    1. Hello Giovanni and Elizabeth!

      Thank you for your nice comment! I am very happy that you like my blog!

      Best wishes, Theri

      1. Thank you. We wait for the next news.
        Your fans Giovanni and Elizabeth. Have a nice time. πŸ™‚

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