My Dolly Week #71: We’re back!

Yes, that’s right: ‘My Dolly Week‘ is back! For everybody, who hasn’t been here for the first 70 installments: This is my weekly column, which I had been writing from the very start of this blog and which kind of stopped as soon as I switched to video format. I did however realize these last few months that I was missing a more personal touch in contrast to my more focused videos and blog posts. And that concludes, why we’re here today!

Last week was huge for me: I connected with several friends, went hiking through the vineyards of Vienna, attended a pilates class all by myself (which was so much fun) and when it was rainy on the weekend, ‘Final Fantasy X’ was here to save the day! I now want a Rikku, Yuna and Lulu Pullip so bad…

You might also have noticed that my face is now literally everywhere; on my blog and social media. This is all thanks to my friend Miyu, who did my make up and took my pictures: Thank you so much for everything!

When it comes to dollies, a big moment for me was to get a second Smart Doll. I decided on Smart Doll Athena, the tea version of Kizuna Anniversary. She arrived on the hottest day of the year so far and this might be tmi, but while filming her unboxing, I literally had sweat streaming from my face. I am still mighty proud that I didn’t get anything on the doll herself. One of my next, if not my very next video is going to be a dress up video of Ami. Ami is what I am calling her, since I like the consistency of my Smart Dolls having Japanese three-letter names. It also doesn’t hurt that ‘Ami’ always makes me think of Sailor Mercury.

If you are wondering, why I didn’t film a review on Pullip Funassyi yet, the reason for that is simply that she has been in customs for over a month now. I am slightly impatient, but at the same time lots of people are on holiday and I am sure that everything is okay. Still, I will be so giddy to finally add her to my collection and to properly introduce her to you! Please enjoy the embedded video of Funassyi (the mascot not the Pullip) in the meantime, which includes two full minutes of hyped madness.

Are you waiting for any dolls in the mail right now? And what are your favourite summer activities? I am looking for a proper backpack right now to maybe smuggle a dolly on my next hike to take some pictures with her!

Thank you so much for reading!


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