My Thoughts On: Pullip Momori for October 2019

Have you ever heard of mori girl fashion before? If not, Pullip Momori is here to teach you about one of my favourite Japanese fashion trends. ‘Mori’ means forest in Japanese and basically mori girls are dressing in a very romantic way, as if they are just happily strolling through the woods. This fashion wave stands in direct opposition to the more body conscious urban fashion for women, which is dominating Japanese work culture. Momori is a true mori girl and I also think that Groove must have hired some new artists/designers, which are responsible for her unique and beautiful look.

Let’s be real from the start: I absolutely believe that German face up artist Mikiyochii painted and designed Pullip Momori’s face! If you check out her previous work, you will find lots of similarities: Her eyeshadow, her lower lashes and her freckles, for example. What confuses me the most, is the fact that this girl is not promoted as a Creator’s Label release (although she sure is priced like one) and no names of the artists can be found anywhere. Although the release is tagged as ‘collaboration’ and ‘Russia’ on AGA’s blog, Facebook sources reveal that the actual artists come from Germany and Spain. No artists have spoken out so far, so everything seems to be under contractual order – the silence is just weird, since Groove and AGA have always been very proud of their joint work with creative minds in the past!

Onto the girl herself: She looks like a sweet custom Pullip darling! Her face up consists out of natural, warm earth tones, my personal highlight being the golden yellow eyeshadow, which can also be found on her eyelids. It’s the only pop of colour because Momori is enjoying a subtle look, when it comes to her lashes, eyebrows and incredibly cute freckles. I also love the colour in the middle of her lower lip and her adorable smile! It’s true: I am quite infatuated with her indeed!

Pullip Momori is sporting dark brown eyechips, which, in my opinion, always make girls look like innocent little deer and she is wearing a short wavy wig with side swept bangs in a golden light brown.

Her outfit is very romantic looking. I have a hunch, who the designer might be, judging from the florals, lace and slightly sixties style of the headband. It definitely is a wearable everyday style for a Pullip release, which we haven’t seen in a while. The accessories she comes with are lovely: A faux fur scarf with a green ribbon, a light lacey cardigan, knitted grey socks and finally lace-up botties and a purse, both made out of dark leather.

As always, I would like to hear your thoughts about this girl! Isn’t she an enchanting forest fairy? I am looking forward to her release a lot!

Thank you so much for reading!


Disclaimer: All pictures of Pullip Momori belong to Groove Inc./AGA. (1/2)

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