My Thoughts On: Pullip Etoile Rosette Ver. for June 2019

Pullip Etoile Rosette

Almost one year ago (on May 31st, 2018) Pullip was celebrating her 15th birthday in Yokohama. This year she was bringing the festivities to Osaka with another exhibition and a recoloured version of Pullip’s anniversary doll Etoile, who was sporting a blue theme last year. So let’s get talking about Pullip Etoile Rosette!

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POKEMON CAFE & POKEMON CENTER DX | Theri Ppoi’s Japan Adventures

Near Tokyo’s Nihonbashi station, there is the home of the permanent Pokémon Café. You can book your table and time slot one month in advance, which I highly recommend. It is super popular and always booked out.

In this video I also show you around its neighbouring Pokémon Center DX, some Pokémon Donuts, as well as the scariest Eevee sheet mask, I’ve ever encountered!

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My Thoughts On: Pullip Jeanne for July 2019

Pullip Jeanne

Ever since I have been collecting Pullips, there have been a wide variety of dolls in collaboration with Japanese fashion brands. With Pullip Jeanne the company is taking a new direction by releasing a girl wearing a military lolita fashion inspired outfit. Continue reading My Thoughts On: Pullip Jeanne for July 2019


I had it coming: After Pullip Sailor Neptune, who was the fifth Pullip and therefore a pioneer for my other girls, moved in a long time ago, Pullip Uranus has finally joined her and I don’t need to have a bad conscience anymore to stand in the way of true love! ⭐

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In 2013 Pullip Classical White Rabbit hopped onto the doll scene to be shortly followed by Classical Alice afterwards. She is a classic through and through…plus oh so cute! 🐰

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Pullip Funassyi, Pullip Dilettante & Pullip Bonnie Are Available For Pre-Order (Again)!

Pretty in Pink!This is going to be a rather quick post, but I think that it should definitely be worth a mention that some of my favourite dolls are going to make a comeback – as well as Pullip Funassyi being available in a super limited number on Pullip Style!

Pullip Funassyi Classical Lolita VersionWhen Pullip Funassyi was announced, I mentioned on this blog, how much I was in love with the whole look, but especially with the doll’s sweet look itself, since her faceup seems to have a nice balance between sweetness and innocence with rather unique and interesting makeup. You can get her through shipping services in Japan, since she is exclusive to Funassyi Stores, but luckily Pullip Style got the okay for a limited pre-order; making it easier for buyers overseas. And yes: This June (or more realistically July) you will be able to see a review of Pullip Funassyi from me!

Close-up of Pullip DilettanteI also need to point out the return of Pullip Dilettante, one of my grail dolls! She is so interesting with her modern day work outfit, ginger wig and amazing purple themed eye makeup! You can read my review about her here or watch my ‘Pullip Grail’ video, in which she makes an appearance, here!

Pullip Bonnie, I named her Vivi.Then there is Pullip Bonnie: You can read my review about her here and I will admit right away that, while I am not a fan of her stock outfit, I believe that she is one of the most beautiful Pullips in the last few years. I need to take more pictures of her, but every day I am amazed by her beautiful lips and sophisticated eyes. Her making a comeback is truly great news!

Are you happy about these girls being available again? I have to admit that sometimes the second (or third or fourth) round of availability for older releases gets me even more excited than new ones; it’s like finding a pot of gold! (Considering that Saint Patrick’s Day was yesterday…)

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