Dollspiration #2: Pullip Hello Kitty Anniversary & Isul Yun!

Are you ready to surf the web for more dolly news and fun links? Then you are at the right place to get started!

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Pullip meets mascot Funassyi in this collaboration with the funny pear fairy from Funabashi City in Japan’s Chiba prefecture.
I had to wait for this girl a long time and am now finally able to share her with you!
Now I wonder, whether there will be more versions of this girl in different fashion styles. 🍐✨

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

My Dolly Week #73: Sunny Business!

Welcome to another Dolly Week post, friends! These are busy times, although they are also super fun too! Last week we spent a few days in the countryside to recharge our batteries and hop into the pool as many times as we could. Just the second day back, I miss it already!

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My Dolly Week #72: Whisked Away for the Weekend!

Welcome back to another Dolly Week! I hope that everybody is feeling fresh and relaxed. I just got back into town Sunday afternoon, since I was on a family trip with my husband and my parents to watch a summery outdoor production of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’. We were also planning to do lots of sightseeing and I decided that my girl Hime would enjoy to come along.

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Pullip Marisa Kirisame Spotted at Doll Event!

When I saw the picture above from Groove’s tweet on July 14th, I knew that I would have some sneaking around to do – or to find out as much as possible about the little witch girl and her blurred out colleagues!

The little witch, as it turns out, is magician Marisa Kirisame, a main character from ‘Touhou Project’. Now ‘Touhou Project’ does ring a bell, but I have no idea about the plot of the games/manga/anime. When it comes to Pullip releases from certain franchises I haven’t seen yet, I normally get really deep into the stories to learn more. So time will tell, if it will become a ‘Rozen Maiden’/’Revolutionary Girl Utena’ situation for me. My guess is that she will be officially announced pretty soon. Marisa looks really cute, but I feel like her face might be too pale for my taste.

Onto the blurred out dolls: Apparently we are talking about Pullip Claudia and Isul Yuri?! When it comes to Isul, I am not sure about anything. I just guess that they displayed him twice to show off his shirt and jacket at the same time.

Pullip Claudia on the other hand is so much fun for me because I keep speculating, which Pullip or Pullips are printed onto the fabric of her dress. I also love the indigo blue colour and her fancy little hat. I could have done without her plastic boots though, to be honest!

Are you a fan of ‘Touhou Project’? Do you like speculating about upcoming releases?

Thank you so much for reading!


My Dolly Week #71: We’re back!

Yes, that’s right: ‘My Dolly Week‘ is back! For everybody, who hasn’t been here for the first 70 installments: This is my weekly column, which I had been writing from the very start of this blog and which kind of stopped as soon as I switched to video format. I did however realize these last few months that I was missing a more personal touch in contrast to my more focused videos and blog posts. And that concludes, why we’re here today!

Last week was huge for me: I connected with several friends, went hiking through the vineyards of Vienna, attended a pilates class all by myself (which was so much fun) and when it was rainy on the weekend, ‘Final Fantasy X’ was here to save the day! I now want a Rikku, Yuna and Lulu Pullip so bad…

You might also have noticed that my face is now literally everywhere; on my blog and social media. This is all thanks to my friend Miyu, who did my make up and took my pictures: Thank you so much for everything!

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My Thoughts On: Pullip Momori for October 2019

Have you ever heard of mori girl fashion before? If not, Pullip Momori is here to teach you about one of my favourite Japanese fashion trends. ‘Mori’ means forest in Japanese and basically mori girls are dressing in a very romantic way, as if they are just happily strolling through the woods. This fashion wave stands in direct opposition to the more body conscious urban fashion for women, which is dominating Japanese work culture. Momori is a true mori girl and I also think that Groove must have hired some new artists/designers, which are responsible for her unique and beautiful look.

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My Thoughts On: Pullip Pimmam for October 2019

Pullip Pimmam

Cue the music: “Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon”…Pullip Pimmam is taking us to Harajuku and I cannot be the only one, who was immediately thinking of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s worldwide hit from 2011! (She also looks like she could work in the Kawaii Monster Cafe, just saying!)

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