My Dolly Week #73: Sunny Business!

Welcome to another Dolly Week post, friends! These are busy times, although they are also super fun too! Last week we spent a few days in the countryside to recharge our batteries and hop into the pool as many times as we could. Just the second day back, I miss it already!

But first, two confessions: I completely underestimated the duration of ‘Final Fantasy X’ and still have a few hours left to defeat the final boss. I hope, I won’t be too sad, but we decided to play ‘FFX2’ right afterwards. So that might be enough to help me move on. (I don’t even want to think about, how I felt after finishing ‘Life is Strange’, for example. I was sad for days!)

The other confession is that I still haven’t figured out the right format for pictures on my mobile phone, but on the other hand, I need to get back to shooting with my DSLR because the quality obviously is way better. Taking photographs with my phone camera felt just so much more convenient, when we had to bear 36 degrees and I couldn’t be bothered to carry my full equipment. I just hope that you will enjoy my pictures of Pullip Chi and Smart Doll Ami nonetheless. I think that they came out pretty cute and I especially enjoyed photographing a Smart Doll outside for the first time.

Now that it’s back to reality, city life is feeling pretty different and I am treasuring the memories, we’ve made even more. And this week is looking so promising too! I am getting my first BJD (ball-jointed doll), a MiniFee Shushu by Fairyland, in just a few hours! She is immediately going to make an appearance in my Instagram stories this evening and you will hear her whole story soon! Everything is very exciting and going faster than I thought it would.

Also coming up (hopefully tomorrow), is Pullip Funassyi‘s video review and more Dollspiration! And of course, I need to get back to everybody’s lovely comments!

Have a beautiful week and thank you so much for reading!


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