Dollspiration #1: Sharing Inspiration!

Welcome to the first ever Dollspiration post: Whenever I find an inspiring link about my featured interests, I would like to share them with you – right here, right now!

YouTube Mini-Documentaries

While I was super busy and desperately craving dolly time, I went down the rabbit hole on YouTube and ended up with two high quality videos: One about the Popovy sisters and the other one about Enchanted Dolls, which are created by Marina Bychkova. Those artists are so skilled and passionate about their work, it is a pleasure to simply watch them pour so much love into their art; I bet, every single doll fan out there will agree with me!

Smart Doll Cortex has been out and sold out!

The first Smart Doll Cortex girl, Gaia, has been on sale last weekend and is not available anymore at the moment. She is back to being labelled as coming soon, which is great news for all Smart Doll fans! You will be ablte to either get her pre-assembled or a kit to assemble her yourself in two different grades of difficulty. While writing this post, the page for Mirai‘s Cortex version went online and you can enter your e-mail address to get notified, when she is available too!

I definitely want to get a Smart Doll Cortex in the future and am happy that things are running wonderfully in Smart Doll land. And speaking about wonderful: Check out this beauty, who I immediately had to add to my wishlist:

And there is even going to be another skintone released soon at the beginning of August: Cinnamon, which follows Milk, Tea and Cocoa. The first girl to arrive in Cinnamon is classic beauty Mirai:

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Cinnamon Mirai is just glowingly gorgeous! Cinnamon is confirmed as a new regular skin tone in Smart Doll Land and we will launch with Mirai Cinnamon August 7th (will try to aim earlier if factory can keep up). The next Cinnamon girl will be Melody who may also be launched on same day. If you got a Smart Doll in Milk then seeing them in Cinnamon will be such a surprise – they look so much more incredibly lively! Now that we got a new color however, we need to make a sacrifice and instead of giving them unique names we need to start naming them like… Aqua (name of future Smart Doll) Milk, Aqua Cinnamon, Aqua Tea and Aqua Cocoa. This will help us roll out more goodies for you instead of spending time thinking of new names. All option parts will be rolled out in Cinnamon but may be some shortages at the beginning. The last photo shows Milk Mirai on the left with Cinnamon on the right. If you try to use milk option parts will look noticeably different when used with a Cinnamon Body. Info about the boys tomorrow with a Crimson Cinnamon too. スマートドールの新肌色シナモンはレギュラーラインアップに。8月7日にMIRAI CINNAMON発売。間に合えばMELODY CINNAMONも。 #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll

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Pullips Jeanne and Cosmody have been released!

And both are looking so great out of and inside of the box. Click here for Jeanne’s unboxing on Groove’s official blog and please enjoy this stunning picture from Virvatulia:

Pullip Cosmody has strikingly beautiful eyechips! And after getting Pullip Etoile, I am obsessed with this type of Groove’s eyechips: Super shiny and reflective! I really recommend you to visit this blog post by MikaMika4!

Plasticpop is closing.

Unfortunately Sue and Karsten, the owners of German based doll store Plasticpop have decided to close their store for good at the very end of August due to personal reasons.

Do you guys like this new format? Is there something else in the dolly world that I should know?

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you knew what the outfit was that the Pullip White Witch is wearing in the first photo on this lovely post; the red outfit? It is so cute and reminds me of a more grown up/mature Bunka doll because of the bonnet I suppose 🙂 Thanks!

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