My Dolly Week #72: Whisked Away for the Weekend!

Welcome back to another Dolly Week! I hope that everybody is feeling fresh and relaxed. I just got back into town Sunday afternoon, since I was on a family trip with my husband and my parents to watch a summery outdoor production of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’. We were also planning to do lots of sightseeing and I decided that my girl Hime would enjoy to come along.

It was a super hot weekend in Eisenstadt, where my personal highlight was Esterházy Palace, a beautiful baroque place fit for a princess. In my pictures Hime is wearing Cho Chang‘s Yule Ball dress by Mattel. It felt like a perfect dress for a visit to the opera and a palace – even though I ended up not taking her to the opera because I wasn’t sure, if it was going to rain. In the end there wasn’t even a drop of rain, but I still felt like a proud Pullip protector! The opera took place in a quarry and the scenery was super impressive with amazing projections.

From a technical, blog update standpoint, I caved and got a new mobile phone, which since then has prooven itself as the perfect companion: My pictures are less grainy and I can trust my phone for random snapshots now. It is a Sony XZ2 Compact and as you can see, there is still something off about the format, which I cropped for my Instagram posts. I will take care of it, as soon as I finish writing!

Smart Doll-wise I cannot get over the fact that I want to style Melody’s stock wig into the classical Cinderella hair bun from the Disney movie. The only problem is that this will have to wait for a while, since Ami is travel ready (vlog coming soon!) and this endeavor will take some trial and error. I should honestly go back to trying to learn some things on my own anyway: I have so many talented friends, who really inspire me to want to do and learn more!

And now I am going to answer everybody’s most burning question: The hubs and I will finish the story of ‘Final Fantasy X’ tonight! I have already cried so much and am so tense, when it comes to new revelations…it’s not easy to think that it probably won’t have a happy ending. But in the end, great art doesn’t require one and I feel lucky to have experienced such an intense story with characters that I love – which is a similar feeling I get from ‘One Piece’.

This is it for now, we have a super hot week ahead and interestingly, after years of suffering through summer, I have been enjoying this July quite a bit…even though I’ll turn 29 years in less than three weeks. That’s another thing in itself. I don’t know, why aging started to feel so bad since I turned 25, but I am kind of fed up with it. Maybe it’s a Peter Pan thing or maybe there is still some hidden shame for liking the things I like. Anyways, I feel lucky and greatful for the life I am living!

Thank you so much for reading!


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